Jimmy’s half-century milestone.

By: Andy Choi
Manager - Corporate Communications

Celebrating 50 years for one V Teamer and more on our emergency response around the country.

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Happy Monday, V Team. On today’s Up to Speed live, Andy shared the following updates:

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Two minutes is all the time you need to complete the 3Q VZPulse survey. Starting today, you can check your inbox for an email from Gallup at support@mail.gallup.com to complete the survey. Provide your feedback so we can continue making Verizon a great place to work.

Tropical Storm Henri update

As covered in our weekend edition of Up To Speed with Chris Serico, our Network team is supporting areas impacted by Tropical Storm Henri.

Tropical Storm Henri continues to trudge through New York and New England but our Northeast network is holding up well thanks to our preparedness efforts. We are keeping an eye on regional flooding and power outages, as we respond wherever our customers and first responders need us. For all of the latest details on our emergency response, please check out the Emergency Resource Center.

Our network teams are also on the ground in Tennessee assisting law enforcement in the response to serious flooding. While our network is performing well, we do have two of our Verizon Reponse SPOTs in place as well, one at a local police station and the other at their command center in the field.

Bensalem, PA tornado

Stepping up to help customers around the clock takes next-level commitment - and there’s a great example of that commitment coming out of Bensalem, PA, where some very dedicated V Teamers saw what needed to be done after a catastrophic tornado in the area.

After realizing that the damage done to the Faulkner Dealership would require the support of many technicians, Michelle Purvey, Mike Brown, Dave Gain, and Larry Keck put their boots on the ground and worked tirelessly overnight and morning to support public safety teams and other emergency services personnel who were responding to those affected by this tornado.

Thank you for your tireless efforts Mike, Dave, Larry and Splicer and Technician, Shawn Nedab and Dave Metague. You truly embody what we mean when we say, “we run towards a crisis not away from it.”

Celebrating 50 years

Congratulations to Jimmy Barry who is celebrating a big milestone this week! Tomorrow marks 50 years at Verizon for Jimmy. Jimmy’s first day with our company was on August 24th, 1971. He’s currently a storekeeper at our Roseland, NJ, garage and was a Purpose Coin recipient for always bringing a smile to everyone’s face. Jimmy, congratulations on 50 years! Your dedication and positive attitude inspires us all.

Puppies behind bars

V Teamer April Grossman, a fearless veteran, pursued her MBA and joined Verizon after her military service. And as she transitioned back to civilian life, April says she began experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). That’s where Puppies Behind Bars came in.

Puppies Behind Bars, a non-profit based in New York, is the group that trains prison inmates to raise service dogs for wounded war veterans and first responders. Through the group, April was paired with Waldo who changed her life dramatically within three months. April began to bring Waldo to work, and Verizon accommodated her every step of the way and even gave Waldo his own Verizon employee ID badge.

April - thank you for your service. Verizon is deeply committed to helping the veteran community by accommodating employees like April and organizing campaigns to support our veterans with our employee resource group - Verizon Veterans and Advocates Leading Organizations Responsibly (VALOR).

Verizon Innovative Learning HQ

Today we are launching Verizon Innovative Learning HQ which is an open platform that houses educational resources for teachers, students, and even employees.

The resource is helpful for anyone looking for resources to enhance their learning or teaching experience. For example, if you’re homeschooling middle school children, you could go online, find a lesson plan appropriate to their grade level, download both the teacher guidebook and the student lesson plans. There’s also instructions about any other resources, including downloadable AR and VR apps.

Even though the site is geared towards teachers, anyone and everyone can use it. Make sure to tell a teacher in your life about this cool new resource and start learning!

Don’t miss these events

Tomorrow at 11:15 AM ET, our CTO Kyle Malady along with Elise Neel, VP of New Business Incubation will lead a panel discussion with Verizon leaders who have played key roles in moving our business forward through innovation.

Another great event you’re invited to join is on Wednesday at 4 PM ET. Join Martha Feeback, Sr. Director of Corporate Engagement for Catalyst, along with Marq Conley, Global Co-lead of Verizon BOLD, for a live interactive event where they will co-facilitate a thought-provoking panel discussion about the impact of the unintentional use of microaggressions.

If you have any questions, email them to live@verizon.com.

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