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By: Jessica Bonardi

9 billion reasons why our robocall-blocking technology is best in class.

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Do you appreciate the filters in your life?

Whether it’s one in your dryer or air conditioner, filters improve our lives in all sorts of ways we may not often think about. On today’s episode of Up To Speed, host Jess Bonardi talks about a special filter we offer at Verizon that offers incredible value to our customers.

Call Filter

Our latest TV ad features V Teamer Glenda Caceres, Solutions Specialist in Inglewood, CA, talking about Call Filter, which protects customers from unwanted robocalls.

To date, Verizon has protected over 75 million customers from pesky robocalls, with nearly 9 billion unwanted calls prevented — and counting.

Back in March 2019, we implemented STIR/SHAKEN technology to assist in blocking disruptive robocalls. STIR/SHAKEN is already incorporated into Call Filter analytics for our wireless customers and helps us make better decisions about what calls should be avoided.

We recently certified this with the FCC, which is now requiring all carriers to adopt STIR/SHAKEN by June of 2021 as part of an industry-wide effort to help verify that a call is from the number displayed on the Caller ID and not spoofed. That means we were two years ahead of the deadline.

So the next time you hear that sound — the sound of uninterrupted silence — remember to thank Call Filter and Verizon, the carrier that improves your day in all sorts of ways.

For more information and previous announcements on robocalls, visit this page.

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