Proudly Visible.

By: Andy Choi
Manager - Corporate Communications

Supporting our LGBTQ+ community, all the news and a V Teamer who won’t judge you, but he will judge your dog.

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Happy Friday! On today’s Up To Speed, host Andy Choi shared the following updates:

Up To Speed Week in review

Monday: We shared our love for our V Team graduates as well as highlighted our great deals for our grads of all ages.

Tuesday: Our Call for Kindness has some new news! An academic study found that Kentucky was rated the kindest state in America. Make sure to take a look to see where your home state ranked.

Thursday: We shared our second episode of Entérate featuring our new LaLiga gaming partnership, the great live shows of Uforia with Univision and a profile of a powerful Latina V Teamer making sure our voices are heard on Capitol Hill.

Taking immersive retail to the next level.

Yesterday, Verizon Business announced that we have joined forces with Digital Catapult, the United Kingdom’s leading advanced digital technology innovation center, as well as other leading industry partners to launch the Verizon 5G Immersive Retail Accelerator Program. The first of its kind, the program was created to help develop the next generation of immersive retail experiences with the help of 5G solutions. Some of the brands already involved are Burberry and L'Oréal UK and Ireland. Check out all of the details on the Accelerator program here.

Showing our Pride

Earlier this month, Verizon announced a $1 million commitment to non-profit Encircle to support their efforts to promote digital inclusion across the LGBTQ+ community. On today’s episode, we shared a video from Encircle CEO and founder Stephenie Larsen, who talked about all the ways that Verizon’s donation is helping Encircle make an impact and save the lives of LGBTQ teens who contemplate suicide.

We also highlighted Visible’s #ProudlyVisible campaign, which puts a spotlight on all the ways we create the families that love and sustain us.

We also aired a video featuring PRISM V Teamers and some of the many wonderful families we have within the Verizon family who are guided by love and acceptance. Let’s all continue to show our Pride, not just for the rest of June, but all year round.

Citizen Verizon now on Slack

Speaking of good things, if you want to keep up on all things Citizen Verizon, join the Citizen Verizon Slack channel — the resource for events, updates, and program announcements. Learn more about volunteer opportunities, share your success stories, and how to make an impact in our society.

Taking your safety pledge

As you recall, we earlier asked you to take the safety pledge. So far, 9,000 of you have taken the pledge — twice what we had last year. You still have time to sign it and possibly win one of 50 gift codes worth $25 that you can use at the Verizon Brand Shop.

Our own top dog… judge

You may have seen pictures from the Westminster Dog Show a couple weeks back, where Wasabi the Pekingese was named Best in Show. But what many don’t realize is there is also a Masters Agility Championship that is part of the same event, and one of the two people elected as judges was David Nauer, Group Manager in the Global Network & Technology Group from Colorado Springs, CO. David has been with Verizon for 27 years and has been raising champion German short-hair pointers for 40 years. Congratulations to David and to all the Westminster champions.

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