35 billion unwanted calls.

By: Andy Choi
Manager - Corporate Communications

Everything you’ve always wanted to know about SPAM (but were afraid to ask).

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On today’s edition of Up To Speed, we shared all things SPAM and how Verizon is continually working to help keep customers safe from it. We’ve already helped to detect and block 35 Billion unwanted calls and counting.

One of the best ways to block robocalls is to get our Verizon Call Filter app, which can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

The app offers several features to help you avoid unwanted calls. It shows you all the recent SPAM calls blocked and allows you to adjust the risk level of calls you want blocked. Another great feature you can choose to turn on is The Neighborhood Filter to block calls from numbers that look like your phone number, but are actually spammers. You can even decide if blocked numbers are allowed to leave you a voicemail.

There’s also an easy step you can take in the fight to stop spam texters. If you or someone you know receives a spam text message, report it by simply forwarding the message to 7726 (SPAM) from your mobile phone, and never respond to or click on a link in a message you are not expecting.

As for how Verizon is fighting back to protect our V Teamers and customers from SPAM? We’ve created lines across our network called “honeypots” to identify and observe illegal robocall campaigns and work with ITG and other carriers to trace them back to the source and notify law enforcement. We’ve expanded the honeypot numbers in every U.S. state, which has helped punish those who seek to profit from fraudulent or illegal robocall scams.

To learn more about our ongoing work to help prevent these pesky calls and tools to help block or avoid robocalls, click here.

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