A timeline of Beats headphones and the Beats audio brand.

Changing the way we listen to music, then and now. 

Beats headphones: A sonic revolution 

In 2006, famed hip-hop producer Dr. Dre felt listening audiences all deserved the same high-quality sound that he experienced  in the studio. So he partnered with industry mogul Jimmy Iovine to create Beats by Dre. Their goal was simple: create headphones that help people hear all the music.

Achieving their goal meant creating electronics that could bring the experience and emotion of hearing music in a professional recording studio to the headphones used by everyday music fans. And it worked. Just as Dre imagined,  Beats Electronics has become known for its unparalleled audio quality, as well as its supreme style. In 2014, Apple acquired the brand, elevating Beats’ tech capabilities even further. Over the years Beats has evolved and expanded its product line to cater to the diverse needs of many listening audiences. Here’s a wrap-up of Beats’ sonic journey.

Beats by Dr. Dre Studio: Redefining audio luxury. 

July 2008—Beats headphones took the world by storm with the release of Beats by Dr. Dre Studio, the company’s first product. These over-ear headphones offered a blend of bass and precision that set a benchmark for audio quality. The headphones quickly became known for their comfort and noise isolation. Updated versions of these original Beats headphones are available through Verizon and include Beats Studio Pro Wireless Headphones and Beats Studio3 Wireless Over-Ear Headphones

Beats by Dr. Dre Executive: Elevated sophistication. 

October 2012—Building on the success of its inaugural line, Beats introduced the Executive headphones. These wireless Beats headphones catered more to music professionals and discerning audiophiles. With their sleek aluminum design, noise-canceling technology and impressive battery life, they became the go-to choice for those who demanded both performance and style.

Beats Pill: A portable speaker in a capsule. 

October 2012—The Beats Pill was the brand’s first, non-headset-related product release. This sleek, easily transportable speaker had a capsule-based design with a curved appearance and used Bluetooth to connect to other devices. In 2013, the Beats Pill 2.0 was released, which featured longer battery life and a port for charging other USB devices. Other features included the ability to pair Pills together with near-field communication (NFC) to play the same audio either individually on other devices or to be able to play left and right stereo channels simultaneously.

Beats Solo2: The beat goes on. 

May 2014—Next came the Solo2 headphones with an improved sound experience. This model emphasized sonic clarity while maintaining the signature Beats bass. Wireless Beats headphones were, in general, building a large sound- and style-focused following, and the Solo2 definitely made a fashion statement with its vibrant colors and comfortable on-ear design. Music lovers appreciated the balance between style and sound quality. Items currently available in this series include the Beats Solo Pro and the More Matte Collection variations.

Apple acquires Beats: Tech takes on sound.

August 2014— When Apple bought Beats Electronics it continued releasing new Beats products like Beats Powerbeats Pro, Beats Solo Pro and Beats Powerbeats. Each of these contained Apple’s H1 chip, which allowed for easy Bluetooth connection, improved battery life and voice-activated Siri integration, helping people quickly access their favorite audio.

Beats Pill+: Speakers for any setting.

October 2015—The Beats Pill+ was unveiled as the first revision to the original Pill models.  It was slightly larger than the previous model, and carried a refreshed design with top-mounted volume controls and a Beats logo button. These portable Bluetooth speakers allowed listeners to take amazing sound wherever they went. They had powerful output with crisp definition, and the stereo active two-way crossover system with tweeter and woofer separation created sound quality that could challenge that of a professional recording studio—living up to Dr. Dre’s original dream. 

Beats Solo3 Wireless: Seamless wireless beats headphones.

September 2016—The Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones brought a game-changing feature: the Apple W1 chip. This technology made pairing the headphones with Apple devices seamless. The battery life also soared to an impressive 40 hours, allowing people to listen for way longer without having to worry about charging. Beats noise-canceling headphones were now firmly established as one of the strongest brands on the market for maximizing the potential of music.

urBeats 3: Lightweight and elevated.

September 2017—This affordable pair of wired audio headphones were meant to maximize the listening experience with a choice between 4 ear-tip sizes for an individualized, secure fit. Lightweight and ergonomic, urBeats3 Earphones made it easy and comfortable to listen to music for hours on end. The discontinuation of this model signaled a broader shift toward Bluetooth-based wireless audio.

Beats X: Immersive and fit for life. 

February 2017—The Beats X neckband-style earphones were designed for clear sound throughout the day with a long battery life. Their unique flex-form cable provided all-day comfort. BeatsX also featured an incredibly sleek design and the secure-fit wingtips offer added stability. The headphones have a flat, no-tangle cable and Apple’s W1 wireless chip for stellar compatibility with iOS devices. They also featured Quick Charge, allowing for new buds to last up to two hours from a single five-minute charge.

Beats Studio3 Wireless: Sound for any surrounding.

June 2017—Beats Studio3 Wireless raised the bar yet again by introducing Pure Adaptive Noise Canceling (Pure ANC). This innovation ensured that the headphones adjusted their noise cancellation in real-time to match the listener's surroundings. This was a major benefit for travelers and commuters who wanted to truly immerse themselves in their music while moving through a variety of different locations and situations.

Beats Powerbeats Pro: Unleash your workout. 

May 2019—Diving into the wireless earbud market, Beats introduced the Beats Powerbeats Pro 2019. These wireless earbuds became a favorite among athletes and fitness enthusiasts. They had adjustable secure-fit ear hooks for added comfort, exceptional sound quality and stability, and sweat and water resistance—all designed to stay keep up with athletes during their workouts.

Beats Flex: Magnetize the sound.

October 2020—The Beats Flex Wireless neckband-style headphones were released as the evolution of the BeatsX model. According to reviews, The Flex were more comfortable, better built and demonstrated longer continuous battery life than the X model. They also had lower audio latency on iOS and Android. The magnetized feature meant they could cling together when worn around the neck and not in use, and included an Auto-Play/Pause feature that turned off the music when the earbuds were attached around the neck. The custom acoustic platform delivered premium sound with accurate bass and low distortion.

Beats Fit Pro: The perfect fit. 

November 2021—The Beats Fit Pro earbuds took the wireless game to the next level with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). These in-ear wonders combined comfort, style and powerful audio in a compact form. Whether listeners were on a conference call or zoning out during a long flight, these wireless Beats headphones delivered. These earbuds were also powered by Apple and featured the Apple H1 chip to allow for instant 1-touch pairing with Apple devices. The Beats Fit Pro earbuds were designed to be sweat and water-resistant, so perfect for non-water sports and exercise.

Beats Studio Buds Pro: Compact yet powerful.

April 2022—Studio Buds Pro continued Beats’ mission of combining truly wireless earbuds with noise cancellation for a whole new way to listen to music. These tiny powerhouses packed a punch with their high-quality sound, ANC and a more compact design, appealing to those who wanted premium audio in a pocket-sized package. Newer versions of this model include Beats Studio Buds+ which were reengineered for even more enhanced acoustic venting to improve audio precision and relieve pressure on the ears, meaning an even more comfortable all-day fit. 

Beats Studio Buds +: Fit even better.

May 2023—Beats introduced the Studio Buds +. They stood out from the rest of the Beats lineup not only due to their translucent casing option, but also because of improvements in sound, active noise cancellation and battery life. These earbuds also proved to be a great option for Android users, as they were designed to use Android features such as Fast Pair and audio switch to name a few. The translucent design of the Studio Buds + was quite popular with many tech reviewers. 

Beats Studio Pro: Pro sound all around.

July 2023—Beats re-released its flagship product for the first time since 2017 with the new Beats Studio Pro. While on the outside it may look similar to its predecessor, Beats made a number of upgrades focusing on the sound quality, noise cancellation, and support for both iPhone and Android users. Beats updated the Studio Pros with new 40 mm drivers and an upgraded active noise cancellation system using a better microphone array. Not to mention the addition of transparency mode,which allows in background noise when that’s preferred.

The Beats legacy lives on.

To experience the latest and greatest from Beats, you can easily check out any of the newest releases available at Verizon. As Beats headphones have continued to evolve, one thing remains constant: its commitment to providing cutting-edge audio experiences in style. The combination of iconic design, top-notch sound  quality and tech-forward features has solidified Beats as a frontrunner in the audio industry. Embrace the Beats revolution, and let your music come to life like never before.

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