Build the best mobile plan for your whole family

Families come in all shapes and sizes. But no matter who your loved ones are, there’s a Verizon mobile plan that’s sure to be a perfect fit. These 4 simple steps can help you piece together the best plan for your whole family and make the switch to Verizon.

Step 1: Choose the number of people on your family’s plan.

There are a range of lines — from 1 to 10 — available for families to Mix and Match plans. To add or subtract lines, simply log in to your My Verizon account in a browser or use the My Verizon app

  • In a browser, select “Shop now” or “I have a device” under the “My Devices” section of the overview page. 
  • In the app, select “Devices” then “Add a line” at the top of the screen.

Step 2: Create your family plan account settings.

Each Verizon family mobile plan allows for an Account Owner, up to 3 Account Managers and Account Members.

picking a family plan
  1. Plans can have only 1 Account Owner, who is often the person who created the account. That person manages all account information, including billing.
  2. Up to 3 Account Managers have the ability to make plan changes and are designated by the Account Owner. 
  3. Account Members can only access their own lines. They also have the ability to make payments — a nice feature if you have people on your plan paying you for their line.

Step 3: Pick a data plan for each family member.

Verizon family setups can be either shared data plans or a mix and match of Unlimited data. The latter may offer the most flexibility: instead of 1 shared pool of data that may require close usage monitoring, individuals can opt for an Unlimited plan. The price per line lowers for each additional line (until you reach 5 phones), and discounts are available if you prepay or AutoPay with paperless billing.

Available Unlimited plans include:

  • Start Unlimited: a basic plan for unlimited talk, text and data. This is a good match if you want to access data freely without worrying about overage fees.
  • Play More Unlimited: a good fit for those who stream a lot of music or video. It includes 15 GB for a mobile hotspot and 25 GB “premium data,” which means you may experience slower speeds after meeting that threshold.
  • Do More Unlimited: This plan is the same price as Play More but includes 15 GB for a mobile hotspot, 50 GB of premium data and 500 GB of Verizon cloud storage.
  • Get More Unlimited: a match if you want both high-quality streaming and max productivity, with 30 GB of mobile hotspot, 75 GB of premium data and 500 GB of Verizon cloud storage.
  • Just Kids Unlimited: an add-on plan for your youngest users. While it requires you to have at least 1 other line on an Unlimited plan, Just Kids is not Unlimited. Your kids get 5 GB of data and Unlimited talk and text for up to 20 contacts. Parental settings let you control their screen time and content. The plan includes the Verizon Smart Family app for tracking location, managing contacts and more.
devices for families

Step 4: Match each family member with a device.

Unlimited plans can cover up to 10 phones and 20 connected devices for a total of 30 devices on an account. This adds another layer of flexibility so that account members can pick a phone according to what they need. Devices you can add to an account include:

  • Basic phones are used primarily to make and receive phone calls and send individual texts.

    If your elderly parent prefers larger keys and great sound, the affordable Kyocera DuraXV LTE NonCamera can provide streamlined connection at a super-affordable price.

  • Smartphones, in addition to calls and texts, provide tools and easy access to information on the go.

    Stay in touch with your college kid (and give them the option to share photos with you and occasionally video call, too) with the crisp display and speed of the Samsung Galaxy S10+.     

  • Tablets combine the conveniences of a phone with the capabilities of a computer. You can easily take them anywhere, but you have more ability to manage (and draw) files. If you have a phone line on a Get More or Do More plan, you can add a tablet or Jetpack plan for 50% off.

    The lightweight yet powerful Apple iPad mini packs a powerful engine and lets your high school student take notes with an Apple Pencil, too.

  • Jetpacks are portable Wi-Fi hosts.

    If a family member travels regularly for work, the Verizon Ellipsis Jetpack allows connections away from home and streaming for off-work entertainment.

  • Smartwatches can take phone calls and text messages, track health and fitness, play music and more.

    If your spouse loves to record runs and workouts but doesn’t love taking a phone, consider the health monitoring add-ons in an Apple Watch Series 5

  • Hum is a connected car device. It can provide roadside assistance and vehicle diagnostics and alert you to your teenager’s speed and whereabouts.

    Give one to your new teen driver who’s still learning the ins and outs of road safety.

Customize your Verizon family plan.

The best group plans allows you to choose which of the basic components — people, plans and devices — are best suited for your life. Follow these 4 steps and explore our flexible plans to start building yours.

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