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Your devices were made for amazing.

Get the best internet with the 100% fiber-optic network.

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What is Fios?

Fios by Verizon is a better way of enjoying the internet with raging speeds for all your devices, TV channels you crave and home phone that's like your personal assistant. It delivers fiber optics straight to your front door with everything you want, just the way you want it.

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Fios Internet

All your devices move at insane speeds.

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Fios TV

Awesome picture quality for all you watch.

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Fios phone sitting on a table in front of TV.

Fios Digital Voice

Clear reliable phone for better conversations.

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Fios Internet

There's fast. Seriously fast. And the don't even blink kind of fast. Which one fits you?

  • 100/100 Mbps
  • Fios Gigabit Connection (Up to 940/880 Mbps)
100/100 Mbps

More streaming.

Give your devices a kick in the speed. Stream and download more movies, shows and photos with Fios 100/100 Mbps Internet.

Gigabit speed

Max it out.

Do everything you want online simultaneously – even stream on 100 devices at once.

Fios TV

You’ve never seen so many channels looking so good. Give your eyes goosebumps with Fios TV.

  • Custom TV
  • Preferred HD
  • Extreme HD
  • Ultimate HD
  • Local TV
  • Mundo
  • Mundo Total
Living room with Fios Custom TV.

Pay for the types of channels you want. Not the ones you don’t.

You’re tired of paying for channels you never watch. That’s why Verizon Fios offers Custom TV channel packages that fit real lifestyles. Pick from one of the following Custom packages and get the types of channels you want:

Action & Entertainment
Sports & News
Kids & Pop
News & Variety
Infotainment & Drama
Lifestyle & Reality
Home & Family

See what you could be seeing.

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Preferred HD TV

Catch your favorite flicks and shows.

Get over 235 channels with local essentials like ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox. Plus the best in sports and entertainment from ESPN, Discovery, MTV, USA and more.

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Extreme HD TV

Want more channels
on that dial?

Get over 320 channels, including more than 90 HD channels, with Dolby 5.1 digital surround sound. You also get the best of the basics in local, sports, news and entertainment.

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Ultimate HD TV

There’s a reason we call it Ultimate.

We're talking over 420 channels in stunning picture quality with over 135 HD and 23 sports channels. Better keep your channel-surfing thumbs in top shape.

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Local TV

Locally grown channels.

Our Fios Local package gives you more than 20 local digital TV channels and plenty of community, local news and educational programming to choose from.

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Fios TV Mundo

Perfect for multilingual households.

Fios TV Mundo gives you the best of both worlds with over 245 channels, 50+ in HD, and over 70 of our most popular Spanish-language channels.

See what you could be seeing.

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Fios TV Mundo Total

Our biggest multilingual plan.

Fios TV Mundo Total gives you even more multilingual programming, with over 260 channels, plus 55+ in HD, and over 70 of our most popular Spanish-language channels.

See what you could be seeing.

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Fios Digital Voice

Sometimes it’s good to be all talk.

  • Domestic
  • International
phone on the table for domestic calls

A clear connection, nationwide.

Our 100% fiber-optic network gives you a home phone you can count on, with virtually no dropped calls or patchy service. So talk until the cows come home.

International logo

Hola. Salut. Hallo. Bonjour.

Call friends and loved ones around the world anytime (when they’re awake, we hope) with one of our international plans.

Keep on talking.

Get Fios Digital Voice

More of what makes Fios, Fios.

It’s about more than what’s flowing through those fiber optics.

JD Power Verizon Award

Top ranked in customer satisfaction - five years in a row.

“Highest Ranked by Customers, Residential Internet Service Satisfaction in the East, Five Years in a Row”


young woman with tablet

Fios Gigabit Connection
with Custom TV + Phone



for 2 years w/2-yr. agmt. Plus taxes, equip. charges, RSN, FDV and other fees & $12/mo. STB equip. charges. Up to 940/880 Mbps.

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2-year price guarantee

–––– Plus, included for 2 years ––––

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