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Elevate your home entertainment experience

How Verizon’s Stream TV family of products can take your streaming to the next level

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When it comes to indulging in your favorite entertainment, there's no place like home. With seemingly endless options available at your fingertips, from binge-worthy series to must-stream movie premieres on our favorite services, it's essential to have a great in-home theater setup. And having the best doesn't have to be complicated. At Verizon, we have dedicated customer experience managers working to make sure your experience is seamless right out of the box.

Today, we're here again with Nitish Wakalkar, a CX design specialist at Verizon who's dedicated to ensuring our products meet the evolving needs of our customers. We'll dive into what makes Verizon Stream TV and Stream TV Soundbar so easy to set up and use, so you can see why they're some of the top choices to take your home entertainment to the next level. Once we're done, you'll want to pop the popcorn and get on with the show, seamlessly.

Q: Last time, you spoke to us about internet gear. Now we're talking about home entertainment gear. What do you find is similar about the two?

A: When it comes to tech, our research echoes what we've heard from our consumers—people don't want to waste a lot of time learning about a product or how the tech works. They're not particularly interested in sifting through lengthy instruction manuals. That's where my team comes in—we design tech that's intuitive and that you can install on your own, so you can start enjoying it in minutes. Just like our Verizon routers and Wi-Fi extenders, our family of Stream TV products, including Fios TV service, is designed to be frictionless—both from an aesthetic point of view and in terms of the setup process.

Verizon Stream TV. Let the good times roll.

Q: I know you're really excited about the latest Verizon Stream TV. Tell me what Verizon Stream TV is and why everyone should have one in their homes.

A: The Verizon Stream TV is a special piece of equipment that turns almost any TV or screen into a smart TV. In fact, it's our most advanced streaming device yet. But it doesn't feel complicated or complex when you use it. The self-install is really simple—most people are pleasantly surprised to see it get up and running right away. It's honestly just that easy to get it right on the first try.

Once you're set up, Stream TV lets you discover, organize and watch your favorite content in 4K Ultra High Definition¹ with enhanced audio playback from Verizon Adaptive Sound. This feature produces a brilliant spatial surround experience. You can stream any of the hundreds of streaming apps available to download from the Google Play Store2, including Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV, Android TV apps and so many more right to Stream TV. New releases and old favorites can be rented or purchased in the Stream TV Store3 and free live channels are available from Pluto TV—just let the Guide button be your guide.

Q: What are some of the perks of Verizon Stream TV?

A: Well, you don't need a smart TV to use it—it connects directly to a TV or monitor and turns that into a smart TV. Design-wise, it's small, clean and minimal, so it blends in seamlessly with its surroundings. And, it comes with a custom remote.

Q: Some of this sounds similar to Fios TV. What are some of the benefits of that service?

A: Fios TV, which is only available where Fios internet is also available, has a lot of benefits—none bigger than the fact that whether you love sports, international channels, premium channels or all of that, Fios TV has it all in one place. Personalization is also a major plus. With Fios TV, you can get a TV package designed with you and your family in mind, on the 100% fiber-optic network. Fios TV customers also get a similarly seamless setup as the one offered by Verizon Stream TV, with smart features and streaming service apps. It also includes live TV viewing and multiple channel offerings with the option to get DVR service.

Q: Okay. Now, the Stream TV includes a special remote. What makes it such a standout?

A: The Stream TV Voice Remote connects to your Stream TV box via Bluetooth and can control the power and volume on your TV, sound bar or audio receiver, along with the Stream TV itself. This means you can control your entertainment system from a single remote. It also comes with features like the Google Assistant³ button, which activates voice-powered search. And you won't lose it! The Find My Remote button on the Stream TV makes your remote beep so you can quickly find it when it's misplaced.

Q: That's very cool. Are there any secret hacks you like to use with Verizon Stream TV?

A: It's not so much a secret, but I always suggest pinning your favorite apps to the home screen for easy access.You can also find great new things to watch with personalized recommendations. And my favorite feature of all is that when you know exactly what you want to watch, Stream TV's intelligent search feature will show results across all of your subscribed services. It's such a brilliant timesaver.

Upgrade to an all-in-one solution.

Q: What if studio-quality sound is my thing? You also worked to develop the Stream TV Soundbar. Can you tell us a bit more?

A: Absolutely. The Verizon Stream TV Soundbar and Soundbar Pro are unique products that combine a speaker system with set-top box capabilities. To break it down further, you get the benefits of 4K Ultra High Definition¹ streaming just like you would get with Verizon Stream TV, plus expansive virtual surround sound, featuring Bang & Olufsen's signature audio design. With one convenient device, you get a 2-in-1 entertainment solution.

Q: Bang & Olufsen's signature audio design. Sounds fancy. What does that really mean?

A: It means you get an immersive audio experience right in your living room. The Verizon Stream TV Soundbar is likely going to outperform your TV's built-in speakers. To start, the Bang & Olufsen part refers to 5 built-in speakers. On top of that, you're also getting spatial sound from Dolby Atmos, which is virtual surround sound that puts you at the center of what you're watching or listening to. It creates the effect of watching a movie at the theater or listening to music at a live concert. You can also use the Bluetooth from the Verizon Stream TV Soundbar to stream your favorite tunes from your phone or computer.

Q: Earlier you mentioned that the Verizon Stream TV Soundbar includes some of the same features as the Verizon Stream TV. Which ones do they share?

A: You get a lot of the same great features with the Stream TV Soundbar that you do with the standalone Stream TV. First, just like Stream TV, the Stream TV Soundbar connects directly to almost any TV or monitor and turns it into a smart TV. Just like Stream TV, you can stream directly to the Soundbar using one of the hundreds of streaming apps available. It also comes with a custom voice remote that connects via Bluetooth and has the Google Assistant³ button, which activates voice-powered search. Last but not least, it also has the intelligent search feature that shows results across all your subscribed services, which is a feature worth raving about for either device.


  1. 4K compatible devices required. 4K content viewing will be impacted by additional factors like internet speed, Home Network congestion and operating system of devices used for content access.
  2. Google service terms apply.
  3. Purchase or rent available through Stream TV or Stream TV app on Android Platform. App purchases are not supported on iOS.

Reviewed By: Verizon Editorial Team
Last Reviewed: 10.25.2023
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