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Home internet and why cheap isn’t always cheaper

How to keep your internet costs low

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How to get the most from your internet service while staying on budget.

In this day and age, we're all looking for ways to save money and stay within our budget. We're also online more than ever before, whether it be working and learning from home or on the go, or surfing the web and streaming our favorite shows. So, how do you get the most out of your internet service while staying on budget? Start with reliable internet that meets your needs first, then look at discounts and offers.

Verizon offers internet plans with competitive prices that give you all the benefits of cheap internet without sacrificing on quality. You can also bundle your home internet and mobile service and get a lower price, as well as extra benefits depending on the plan you choose.

Is cheap internet really worth it?

Comparison shop with total expenses in mind When you start shopping for home internet, it's important to compare your options and consider the costs, but also the extras (and potential future costs in the form of hidden fees). Some internet providers that tout "cheap internet plans" have promotional pricing that skyrockets after the promo period ends. Additionally, you should consider how much internet you think you'll use per month, how many people and connected devices are often online in your household, and what you ideally want to use the internet for. For example, if you live in a home with multiple other users online at the same time, you might want to go for a higher speed tier plan. (Here's how to determine how much internet you need.) Or, if you're looking for internet service just for one person and using it mostly to check your emails and surf the web, you could opt for a lower speed tier (that typically comes at a reduced price).

"Cheap internet" isn't always cheaper in the end

Verizon's home internet services start at ultra competitive prices per month. If you're a Verizon mobile customer, you can combine services to save or bundle and save on your entertainment programming.

Verizon offers home internet options such as Fios, our super-fast fiber optic internet service, and fixed wireless home internet service options like 5G Home and LTE Home. With any of Verizon's home internet services, you get additional benefits, such as no data caps or equipment charges, as well as a 2-4 year price guarantee, depending on the plan, that ensures the price you sign up for is the price you pay– with no hidden fees or surprises.

Explore all of Verizon's home internet plans and check your availability online in one simple step.

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Reviewed By: Verizon Editorial Team
Last Reviewed: 7.19.2023
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