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Domestic and international phone plans

Interested in the crystal clear voice quality that comes with a 100% fiber optic network?

Domestic residential plans

Calling across the globe or around the corner, you can count on a clear connection.

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Verizon Freedom Essentials lets you save by combining unlimited local and regional toll, nationwide long distance calling, and up to five of our most popular calling features.

Special offer: When you order a High Speed Internet bundle or Freedom Voice without a bundle, you will receive $5 off the monthly price for 2 years when you order online.

Unlimited Local and
Toll Calling Plans

Unlimited calling plans that you can add to your standalone telephone line.

Pricing and plans vary by state.

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Residential international calling plans

Stay in touch with friends and family around the globe with a calling plan that's right for you.

phone plans
Plan details
With a non-Freedom
Standard Phone Plan
With a Freedom Plan
City Rates

International calls are billed at low per-minute rates.

World Plan

Includes up to 300 minutes of international calling when dialing 120 countries & destinations (98 countries for calls to mobile phones)

World Plan

Includes up to 500 minutes of international calling when dialing 120 countries & destinations (98 countries for calls to mobile phones)

Check residential international rates

These discounted rates apply if you choose City Rates plan or go over your World Plan minutes.


Calls to landline rates (per minute)

Calls to mobile rates (per minute)

Rates for World Plan 300 or World Plan 500.    

Frequently called countries


Calls to landline rates (per minute)

Calls to mobile rates (per minute)

*Australia 0.10 0.27
China 0.15 0.17
France 0.10 0.29
Germany 0.10 0.29
*Japan 0.10 0.22
*Mexico 0.10-0.17 0.25-0.32
*Philippines 0.09 0.24
United Kingdom 0.08 0.29

* Table reflects new lower rates effective as of Oct 4, 2015.

Rates displayed are for direct dialed residential calls based on country code. Taxes, fees and additional terms apply. Calling to certain destinations may be temporarily blocked as Verizon deems necessary to prevent fraudulent or unlawful usage. ©2017 Verizon. All Rights Reserved.

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Standard Phone

Most popular calling feature options.

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See who's calling

See names and numbers for most incoming calls with our enhanced Caller ID. Suspected robocalls may show as ‘SPAM?’ ahead of the name, alerting you to possible unsolicited calls from auto-dialers.

Block anonymous callers

Set up your phone to automatically reject anyone who's blocked their Caller ID information-like telemarketers.

Guard your phone number

Prevents your name and number from displaying on Caller ID display units. If the person you are calling has a Caller ID display unit, they will see "Private or "Anonymous" displayed when you call them.

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Get Voice Mail

Get a voice mailbox to retrieve all of your voice mail messages.

Let your calls follow you

Sends your incoming calls to another telephone.

Call Waiting

Sends your incoming calls to another telephone number. Ask about call forwarding.

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Never miss an important call

Conference in a third number using Three Way Calling when you're on the phone.

Protect privacy with non-published service.

Your name, address and telephone number will not be published in the phone directory and will not be available in directory assistance (411).

Report suspected spam call

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Why Standard Phone Service?

The difference is loud and clear.

Local Service - Local calling refers to any phone call you make within your immediate calling radius, which is determined by the plan you choose.

Regional - Regional calls, also referred to as a local toll calls, are calls made to someone outside your immediate local calling area but not considered long distance. Local and regional calling areas are determined by the federal government.

Long Distance - Any call placed to a location outside your local and regional calling area is considered a long distance call. Includes in-state, interstate and international calls.

Operator Services
Directory Assistance

Information for People with Disabilities


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