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Analog vs. Digital

The Verizon FiOS Digital Voice Difference

Choosing home phone service shouldn’t be a chore. Calling features and plans are important considerations. But what about analog vs. digital service?  How is an analog phone system different from a digital phone system? 

Analog phone service is commonly referred to as POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service).  Before FIOS a set of copper wires would run to each home.  At the Central Office, the copper wiring was cross connected into a phone switch.  The phone switch connected the calls.  With the advent of FiOS Digital Voice, instead of using an analog switch and copper cable running from the Central Office to your home, it’s replaced with fiber optics and digital switching!

Here’s what you need to know:

Full-bodied Sound
FiOS Digital Voice provides the quality of a 100% fiber-optic network. The same technology that brings awesome speed to the Internet and a brilliant picture to your TV delivers the voices you love in HD-like sound. Talk to your next-door neighbor, your relative across the country or your friend overseas – calls are crisp and clear thanks to fiber optics.

Intelligent Features
FiOS Digital Voice offers more than 20 home phone features to control and customize your communications. Basics, like caller ID and voicemail, are joined with more sophisticated features like the Android smartphone app. Forward calls from select numbers, review call logs, block anonymous callers – every easy-to-use setting has been designed to maximize your privacy and convenience.

Value by the Plan or the Bundle
Choose from a variety of calling plans that are right for your household. FiOS bundles deliver even more value with services for home phone, Internet and TV. All powered by pure fiber optics.

When it comes to analog vs. digital phone, there’s only question left to ask: is FiOS available in your area?  Check availability and see if making the switch to FiOS Digital Voice is an option for you.
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