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Fios Free Preview Weekend.

Who says the weekend starts on Saturday?
Get a free preview of the best premium channels for 48 hours, on your schedule, starting any day of the week.

Enjoy a free Starz preview with Fios TV

Free View lets you run the show.

With so many award-winning premium channels, it’s tough to decide. If you’re a Fios customer, you won’t have to! Free View gives you the option to preview each premium network you don't currently subscribe to for 48 hours, whenever and virtually wherever you choose. That means you’ll enjoy a:

  • Free HBO weekend preview
  • Free SHOWTIME weekend preview
  • Free Cinemax weekend preview
  • Free STARZ weekend preview
  • And a free EPIX weekend preview
Over a 12-month period, you can enjoy several at once or watch one at a time. It's up to you!


Watch the way you want. TV, laptop, tablet, or phone.

Watch the way you want with Free View.

You’ll need to activate your Free View from your TV but after that, where and when you watch is entirely up to you. Because Free View includes premium On Demand content, multi-viewing options and apps, you can watch on-the-go or right from bed. So if you’ve been dying to check out those binge-worthy series and movies everyone’s talking about, this is your chance.

Watch the way you want. TV, laptop, tablet, or phone.

Already have Fios? Let the free previews begin!

Fios remote

Activating your Free View is easy. Just follow these steps:

1 red circle

Tune to a

premium channel.

2 red circle

Press C on your 
remote to launch the 
Free View dashboard.

Press C on your remote to

launch the Free View dashboard.

3 red circle

Enjoy for

48 hours.

Watch HBO free with Fios

400 SD

899 HD

Watch Showtime free with Fios

365 SD

865 HD

Watch Starz free with Fios

340 SD

840 HD

Watch EPIX free with Fios

395 SD

895 HD

Watch Cinemax free with Fios

420 SD

920 HD

Questions are great. Answers are better.

Here are the answers to some FAQs you may have.

  • Will I be billed any amount?
  • What premium channels can I watch with Fios free previews?
  • Can I watch multiple premium channels at one time with Verizon Fios free previews?
  • How many times can I use Free View to watch premium channels for free?
Stream movies and shows with the Fios App on your smartphone or tablet.

Stream away
with the Fios TV app.

Stream away
with the Fios TV app.

The Fios TV app is compatible with iPad®, iPhone®, Android™ or Kindle Fire®.

Stream movies and shows with the Fios App on your smartphone or tablet.

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