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What You Should Know About Home Internet Plans

Tips on Choosing the Best Internet Plan

There’s no shortage of companies out there today offering unlimited Internet plans and promising great discounts when you switch to their service.

But not all Internet plans and connections are the same.

In fact, they can vary tremendously in terms of the performance, reliability, and customer service that they provide.

Choosing the right provider can mean the difference between having a fabulous experience with fast, reliable Internet service—or a frustrating one, with dropped connections and spotty service.

But with so many home Internet plans to choose from, how do you ensure that you’re making the right choice for your family’s needs now—and in the future?

Here are some questions to think about when you compare Internet plans.

What to Consider When Choosing an Internet Plan

  • Take a look at the technology. It all starts with the network. The best Internet plans offer a winning combination of both speed and reliable connection. When you use the right technology, you can load movies, videos, music, and other high-bandwidth files quickly and consistently with a constant connection. Ask yourself: is the Internet plan you’re considering backed by a network with a reputation for technological excellence?
  • Download and Upload Speeds: Internet connections aren’t just for downloading. You need an equally fast Internet speed to share your favorite pictures and videos and to connect over video chat. Are matching upload and download speeds available to help you get the most from your Internet connection?
  • Reliability: How reliable is the network connection offered? Can the company back up its claims about its high speed Internet plans with evidence from reputable research firms?
  • Flexibility: Does the provider offer a wide variety of plans and pricing so you can upgrade easily in the future if needed?
  • Customer Support: Is on-site installation by trained professionals available? If you experience outages or other problems with your Internet service, can you get assistance quickly? Is phone, email, or chat customer support available 24/7?
  • Cost: Does the ISP offer discounts to save you money if you combine their Internet service with phone and/or television service? Is the price they offer fixed for a guaranteed length of time?
  • Contracts and Terms: Does the provider offer a firm written estimate? Choose an ISP that offers terms that you’re comfortable with and that spells out exactly what services you’ll receive.

The Benefits of FiOS Internet Plans

Experts agree that FiOS network technology is the Gold Standard for Internet and entertainment delivery.

Verizon FiOS brings 100% fiber optics directly to your home to download movies, music, videos, games, and other high-bandwidth files in a flash.

Unlike cable, with FiOS the fiber going to your home is immune to power surges, noise, and static.

FiOS Internet was a PC Magazine Readers’ Choice Award winner 9 years in a row and consistently rated #1 in speed, reliability and customer satisfaction ahead of Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cox, Charter, Cablevision and Brighthouse. View ranking

FiOS Quantum Internet plans start at 50/50 Mbps and go all the way up to 500/500 Mbps (in select areas).

Plus, all FiOS Internet plans include SpeedMatchSM, which provides equal upload and download speeds—something that cable doesn’t offer.

And whether you choose FiOS or DSL, all Verizon Internet service plans come with 99.9% network reliability.

Can You Get FiOS?

Are you ready to experience the new standard in home Internet service with FiOS?

Why not take the next step and find out if FiOS is available in your area now?

Verizon Solutions

Speed. As the must-have network, Verizon FiOS provides unlimited bandwidth through a 100% fiber-optic network, with matching upload and download speeds up to 500/500 Mbps (in select areas). So you can upload videos, photos, and music just as fast as you download them and stream and share files in a flash.

Reliability. Verizon FiOS delivers the speed and performance you need to share and stream high-volume files on all your devices—with 99.9% network reliability.

Choice. FiOS Internet plans are designed with you in mind, with a wide variety of speed tiers and prices to choose from. And it’s easy to upgrade whenever your needs change.

Cost. Save money when you subscribe to our Internet plans online, and take advantage of the latest discounts and special online pricing. For even more value, add TV or Digital Voice service in a money-saving bundle, and lock in your guaranteed low price with a 2-year agreement.

Professional Installation. In most cases, we’ll send a professional technician to your home to install your Internet service, unless you qualify for self-install. Either way, we’ll get you connected quickly and easily!

Customer Service. We’re always here to help you answer any questions on any of our Verizon High Speed Internet plans with 24/7 technical support by phone and online.

Internet Safety and Security. Verizon provides cutting-edge software, security scans, and enhanced parental controls to keep your family and devices safe from viruses, spyware, and other Internet threats.

Worry-Free Guarantee. When you choose a 2-year agreement for your FiOS services, you can cancel within the first 30 days without an early termination fee.

Extra Value. When you subscribe to a qualifying FiOS Internet plan, you’ll receive bonuses to make the most of your Internet connection—like email, personal storage, and access to Verizon Wi-Fi at thousands of hotspots nationwide.

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