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Optical Network Terminal.

Staying connected to the Verizon Fios Network

Ensure connectivity to the Verizon Fios network by making sure your ONT power supply unit stays plugged in at all times.

Your ONT requires electricity to operate all Verizon Fios services:

  • ONT plugs directly to an existing electrical outlet at your location
  • An indicator light lets you know if electrical power is present
  • During normal operation, the light should be on

If the indicator light is off, electricity is not flowing from the outlet. For additional help check the ONT.

If the indicator light is on and you are experiencing other service related issues, use our Guided Solutions Tool to see if there are issues occurring with your equipment or service line.

Learn about your Optical Network Terminal (ONT)

The Optical Network Terminal (ONT) converts the optical signal coming through the fiber into separate signals for TV, voice, and data. The ONT is installed with Fios service on either the outside or inside of your home (garage, basement, closet, etc).

The Verizon Fios network must be able to communicate with your ONT at all times.