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How to create a Favorite Channels list

Create a favorite channels list using your remote

Using your Fios TV remote control, select:

  • Menu Settings System Favorite Channels Favorite 1 or Favorite 2 > Add/Remove > Follow the prompts

You’re ready to start watching one of your favorite channels. To access:

  • Press the heart heart icon button, your list will pop-up
  • Use the arrow buttons, select your channel
  • Press OK and start watching your favorite show

Create a favorite channels list using the Fios TV app

You can also view your favorites using the Fios TV app. In the app select:

  • Watch Now or TV Listings > Filter View Favorites Apply

Don’t have the Fios TV app?

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Looking to setup a channels favorites list on your Fios tv?
  • 1
    Press Menu on your Fios remote
  • 2
    Select Settings, then System, then Favorite Channels
  • 3
    Select Favorite 1 or Favorite 2, then Add/Remove
  • 4
    Follow the prompts to finish setting up a favorites list