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Field Force Manager Terms & Conditions

Field Force Manager (FFM) is only available to business customers that have signed a Major or National Account Agreement and is intended to be used by authorized users of such business customers in the course of legitimate corporate business.  Unauthorized or improper use could be a violation of law and may carry civil and criminal penalties.  If you are not the intended user, do not use this service.   By subscribing to and/or using this service you agree, represent and warrant that: 1) use of FFM will be solely for lawful use and for no other purpose, 2) Verizon Wireless is authorized to access, collect, gather, use and disclose personal location information for all devices with FFM in order to deliver the services, and 3) all disclosures and/or consents from individuals in possession of the devices being tracked and/or monitored will be obtained as required by applicable law, regulation or policy (including but not limited to those relating to individual privacy rights). FFM requires a supported GPS enabled wireless device, specified Calling Plan or Data Plan, downloadable application, valid e-mail address and Internet access for activation and use.  Data usage for downloading and using FFM shall apply and be billed in accordance with your Plan, feature or package.    FFM may prevent use of other features and services; any incompatible features and services must be cancelled in order to use FFM. Verizon Wireless does not guarantee the accuracy of information transmitted, disclosed, displayed or otherwise conveyed or used. Service could be interrupted or disrupted due to atmospheric conditions, inaccurate ephemeris data and other factors associated with use of satellites and satellite data. Always use caution when displaying and disseminating personally identifiable information about yourself or your location to third parties. Do not attempt to enter or change information while driving.  Please observe the Verizon Wireless “Drive Responsibly” policy, which can be found at www.verizonwireless.com.  From time to time customers with Limited or Basic service may inadvertently be able to access, view and/or use certain features associated with Basic and/or Advanced features of FFM, in order to utilize these features on a regular and ongoing basis, fees associated with the Basic or Advanced plan shall apply. 

Last Updated: 06/2012