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Service/Device Issue Resolution

Details About Your Verizon Service Issue

If you recently received a text message from us regarding a service issue, this page contains details about the resolution.

Our investigation determined the Verizon network is working properly and providing the expected service, but there’s a device related issue.

Below are steps that can improve your services:

Common steps for all devices:

  • Make sure your device operating system software is up to date.
  • Remove your phone case and check your network signal.
    • Some accessories can block the antenna and cause device performance issues.
  • Verify there are no call blocks, contact blocks or restrictions.
  • If your device has a Do Not Disturb setting, make sure it is set to your expected outcome.
  • Verify mobile data is turned on.
  • Verify the Access Point Name is set correctly.
  • Ensure your device is free of physical damage, which can affect overall device operation and performance.
  • Verify that Accessibility settings are set as desired (options vary by device).

Additional help:

HD Voice settings: (Changing these settings could improve device performance.)

Android™ phones:

To enable or disable HD Voice on your Android phone:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap Advanced Calling under WIRELESS NETWORKS.
  3. Tap Advanced Calling again to turn it On or Off.

If you have an older device like Samsung Galaxy S® 5 or Motorola Droid Ultra / Maxx / Mini, follow these steps to turn HD Voice on or off:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap More Networks or Tethering & Networks.
  3. Tap Mobile Networks.
  4. Tap the VoLTE Call setting to turn it to On or Off.

iPhone / iOS phones:

  • To turn HD Voice on or off:
    • Tap Settings.
    • Tap Cellular.
    • Tap Cellular Data Options.
    • Tap Enable LTE.
    • To turn HD Voice on:
      • Tap Voice & Data so it has a check next to it.
    • To turn HD Voice off:
      • Tap Off so it has a check next to it.

Windows Phones (settings may differ for older Windows Phone software versions):

  1. Verify HD Voice settings:
    • Tap Settings.
    • Tap Extras.
    • Tap Advanced Calling.

Android tips:

  • Verify Battery Data Saver settings are set as desired.
  • Verify Battery Optimization settings are set as desired. (Setting location varies by device and software version.)
iOS tip:

  • Verify Messages settings are set as desired. (Ex. iMessage, Send as SMS, etc.)

Windows OS tips:

Verify or update the Access Point Name settings:

  1. Tap Settings.
  2. Tap Network & wireless.
  3. Tap cellular + SIM.
  4. Tap SIM settings.
  5. Tap Internet APN.

Verify mobile data is on:

  1. Tap Settings.
  2. Tap Network & wireless.
  3. Tap cellular + SIM.
  4. Slide or tap the data connection On.

Basic device tip:

  • For all basic device issues please visit our Troubleshooting Assistant. Select your device and follow the prompts to get step-by-step solutions.

Thank you for assisting us by letting us know there was a problem with your service.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. We appreciate your patience as we worked to resolve your issue and thank you for choosing Verizon!

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