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Smartphone and tablet simulators | Learn how to use your device

Verizon's "how to" simulators provide a visual guide and a hands-on walkthrough of advanced smartphone and tablet functions, including:

  • Set up and activation
  • Basic settings
  • Mobile network and data
  • Battery and power
  • Backup and restore
  • Security and lock screens
  • Making and receiving calls, texts and emails
  • Managing contacts
  • Camera, photos and videos
  • Home screen
  • Notifications
  • And so much more

Our simulators include tutorials for:

See the full list of simulators below.




    What is a simulator?

    Simulators are step-by-step device tutorials you can watch to get the most from your smartphone or tablet. Get device help for activation, settings and many more functions and features.

    What's the difference between using a simulator or an emulator to learn about my device?

    A simulator lets you watch step-by-step tutorials for your device. A device emulator is a virtual, hands-on experience that lets you navigate the device through your screen. You see and use the smartphone or tablet as if you had the device in your hand.

    What simulators are available for smartphones and tablets?

    You can use our simulators to get how to guides for all makes of Apple (iOS), Google (Android), Motorola (Android) and Samsung (Android) mobile devices. We also have simulators available for One Talk devices and select Verizon apps.

    What how to guides can I see in online simulators?

    Our simulators help you learn everything you can do with your mobile device. Learn how to set up email, use your camera for pictures and videos, manage your battery usage, basic functions and much more. Each how to guide shows step-by-step instructions.

    Do I need to download the simulator to my device to use it?

    No. You don't need to download any device simulator. Just access each simulator through your online browser. You can view any or all of our device simulators. Simulators provide how to guides for Apple, Google, Motorola and Samsung mobile smartphones and tablets.