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LTE Internet (Installed) Terms & Conditions

Important Information

LTE Internet (Installed) SERVICE (“Service”)

We will attempt to install your Service at the service address you provide us at time of sale.  If you are not the homeowner, or if your use of such property is subject to a home owner association or other restrictions, you are responsible for obtaining all third party consents and by placing an order for service you confirm that you are authorized to permit installation of the system at such address.  If 4G LTE coverage is not available at such address, or if we cannot perform installation for any reason, all payments will be refunded to you and no Early Termination Fee will apply. 

Verizon Wireless does not warrant or guarantee that Service can be provisioned at your location, or that provisioning will occur according to a specified schedule, even if Verizon Wireless has accepted your order.  Verizon Wireless will not be responsible for uninstalling your Service or any equipment once the Service has been activated.  Also, Verizon Wireless has no responsibility for the maintenance or repair of any equipment or software provided in connection with the Service, including the LTE Internet (Installed) Antenna or LTE Internet (Installed) Router, or any other equipment or services that you choose to use in connection with the Service. 

You may not move the LTE Internet (Installed) Antenna to a different location or position at your address once installed.  You may not move the system or Service to another address.  If you are moving to a new residence at which service is available and you wish to continue using the Service, you may request Verizon Wireless install the system at your new residence although an equipment fee and a contract extension will be required.  Once the Service is activated at your new residence, your contract term will be extended for a new contract period and Verizon Wireless will waive any early termination fee associated with your original service. 

Verizon Wireless may provide your email service through an affiliate or other e-mail service provider.  You will need to agree to the service provider’s terms of service to use the email service.  IF YOUR SERVICE IS TERMINATED FOR ANY REASON,  YOUR EMAIL SERVICE WILL BE TERMINATED AND ALL DATA, FILES AND OTHER INFORMATION (INCLUDING EMAILS, ADDRESS BOOK AND WEB STORAGE CONTENT) STORED IN OR FOR YOUR ACCOUNT WILL BE DELETED WITHOUT FURTHER NOTICE TO YOU.

Additional Return & Exchange Information
LTE Internet (Installed) Service: You may not return the LTE Internet (Installed) Router to Verizon Wireless’s or its agents’ retail outlets, but within 14 days following activation of Service, you may contact Customer Service, who will assist you with the return process.  If you cancel more than 14 days after activation, you will not be entitled to refund of any activation or installation fees, or fees for additional services made at the time of installation. If you cancel your Service, you will not be entitled to any bundled discounts (if any) associated with such Service.

If you move and call us at (800) 922-0204 to cancel your Service or if 4G LTE coverage is not available at your new address or we cannot perform installation at such address for any reason, you will be charged any applicable early termination fees as described below.  If you fail to call us at (800) 922-0204, your Service will not be cancelled and your Service charges will continue to apply, even if you return the LTE Internet (Installed) Router.