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Netflix Premium a-la-carte additional terms

The Netflix service is provided to you by Netflix, Inc. under the Netflix Terms of Use, which will be provided to you separately. In order to enjoy the Netflix service as part of your +play offer, you will need to activate the Netflix service by completing the Netflix activation process. You will receive instructions on how to activate the Netflix service and reminders to activate via email.

If you already have an existing Netflix account, you can link it to your offer when you activate Netflix as part of your +play offer. Once you do so, all billing for Netflix will be through Verizon +play, and you will be charged to the payment method you choose when you claim your offer in +play. You will continue to be charged separately for any existing Netflix account until you link that account to your +play offer. For any queries regarding your billing with Netflix for your existing Netflix account please contact Netflix directly.

If you link an existing Netflix account to your +play offer, unsubscribing from Netflix on +play will automatically cancel your Netflix membership. If your Netflix subscription on +play is canceled for any reason other than a cancellation request initiated by you, Netflix will automatically resume charging your existing payment method that they have on file once your +play offer ends. If you wish to review the details of your Netflix membership please visit your ‘Account’ page on the Netflix website.