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Number Share - Home Terms & Conditions

By using and/or subscribing to Verizon's Number Share—Home service ("Service"), you are entering into an agreement with Verizon Wireless ("Verizon") and your use of the Service is subject to these Terms and Conditions ("Terms"). By using the Service for any line under your wireless account, you accept these Terms for yourself and any user that you allow to use any of your account lines on which the Service has been enabled. When you signed up to be a customer of Verizon, you entered into our Customer Agreement. The Service is subject to all of the terms in that Customer Agreement, which you can view here: https://www.verizon.com/support/customer-agreement/. The Service is also subject to all applicable Number Share-Mobile Terms & Conditions, which you can view here: https://www.verizon.com/support/number-share-mobile-legal/. If you do not agree with the Customer Agreement, the Number Share-Mobile Terms & Conditions, and these Terms, you must stop using the Service. Verizon may modify or suspend the Service at any time and may make updates to Customer Agreement, the Number Share-Mobile Terms & Conditions, and/ or these Terms without notice. By continuing to use the Service, you are agreeing to such updated and/ or revised Terms. In the event of a conflict between a specific provision of the Number Share-Mobile Terms & Conditions and a corresponding specific provision of these Terms, the specific provision of these Terms shall take precedence, but only with respect to the Service.

  1. Number Share—Home Service. The Service allows you to make and receive calls using one shared telephone number across eligible, third-party, smart speaker devices, like Amazon’s Alexa. Your host smartphone's phone number ("host line") is shared by the third-party, smart speaker devices you select. You can only use the Service with third-party, smart speaker devices to the extent Verizon makes such devices eligible for the Service.
  2. Internet Connection: The Service only works when your third-party, smart speaker device is connected to the Internet. You are responsible for separately activating Internet. Verizon does not provide you with Internet service in connection with the Service. The configuration of your Internet firewall settings is your responsibility. It is your responsibility to ensure your firewall settings do not interrupt or interfere with the Service. If you have questions about firewall setting, you should contact your Internet Service Provider for assistance.
  3. Third-Party Products. The smart speaker devices are third-party products that Verizon does not manufacture or develop. Verizon has no responsibility or liability for such third-party products or manufacturer-provided firmware.
  4. Privacy. Accepting these Terms means that you also agree to our Privacy Policy, available at verizon.com/about/privacy/, which may be updated from time to time and describes the information we collect, how that information may be used and shared, and the choices you have about certain information that we collect. Verizon protects your information as required by federal law and does not share information that identifies you personally outside of Verizon, except with your consent and as otherwise disclosed in our Privacy Policy.
  5. CPNI: When you use the Service on Amazon smart speakers, Verizon shares information with Amazon, including your mobile number as well as call routing, completion, initiation and duration information, which is Customer Proprietary Network Information (“CPNI”). Amazon will use this information to provide the Service on Amazon smart speakers, for customer support, troubleshooting, analytics, and to improve its services. To use the Service on Amazon smart speakers, you must agree, during the setup flow for the Service, to allow Verizon to share your information, including CPNI, as described above. To stop sharing, de-link your Amazon smart speakers from your mobile number at any time, so you’re no longer using the Service with an Amazon smart speaker. You may elect not to allow this use of this CPNI at all, in which case you will not be able to use the Service with an Amazon smart speaker. Your choice here will not affect your Verizon services.
  6. WARNING—IMPORTANT EMERGENCY 911 CALL LIMITATIONS. When calling 911, always tell the operator where you are. It is very important that you update your 911 address for your third-party, smart speaker device whenever you change your location, since this is the location that will be given to emergency responders when you dial 911 with the Service. You can update your third-party, smart-speaker device through your device’s settings. If cellular service is not available, your 911 call may go over Wi-Fi. 911 calls made over Wi-Fi may be delayed or unsuccessful (for example, if the 911 system doesn’t recognize the address, electrical power is out, or your Wi-Fi connection isn’t working).
  7. HD Voice Capable: Your third-party smart speaker device does not need to be HD voice capable and enabled; however, your host smartphone must be HD Voice capable and enabled.
  8. MDN Sharing Limitations—Amazon Smart Speakers: A mobile device number (“MDN”) registered for the Service can only be used with Amazon smart speakers located at up to five different physical addresses at any given time.
  9. Smart Family Ineligibility: A mobile-device number that is set up as a child line on Verizon’s Smart Family feature is ineligible for the Service.
  10. Call Forwarding, No Answer Transfer, Busy Transfer, Call Filter, and Voicemail. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in the Number Share - Mobile Terms & Conditions, the following services may work on your third-party smart speaker device when Number Share – Home is active on such device: Call Forwarding; No Answer Transfer; Busy Transfer; Call Filter; and Voicemail.
  11. Inapplicable Terms: The following terms in the Number Share-Mobile Terms & Conditions do not apply to the Service:
    • "Number Share will only work on the Verizon LTE Network."
    • "If you transfer your smartphone host line and your extension line(s) to another person while remaining with Verizon, but the person you transferred your line to only retains the host smartphone line, and you do not also disconnect or transfer the extension device line(s), both the host smartphone line and any extension lines will be deactivated and you will incur an increased monthly charge for the extension device line(s) as it will then operate in standalone mode."
    • "Calls and messages to/from blocked contacts will not be blocked on the extension when Number Sharing with a host smartphone."