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Prepaid International TravelPass® Services (While traveling outside the US) Terms & Conditions

TravelPass: If you are on an eligible Prepaid monthly Smartphone plan, TravelPass lets you use your talk, text and data allowances for a daily fee. A 5G or 4G World device with HD voice is required. International data will be reduced to 3G speeds after 2 GB/day. Calls while traveling are permitted within the destination of travel and back to the USA. If more than 50% of your talk, text or data usage in a 60-day period is within the destination of travel, we may disable or limit the use of those services in those destinations.

When you connect to a foreign carrier's network, we may send you text messages to explain how to dial for the destination you're in and the rates you will pay to use services there. When traveling, some services such as domestic data applications, voicemail or call waiting, may not be available or work as expected. Please be sure to disable TravelPass in the My Verizon app if you do not want to incur daily TravelPass fees while traveling internationally. CDMA-only devices will not work outside the U.S. LTE-only devices will not work off the Verizon network.

Setting up Your Account for International Travel: To use International Services while traveling outside of the U.S., you must have a world capable device with HD voice and be on an eligible prepaid smartphone plan. If you meet these conditions, TravelPass will be automatically added to your Prepaid line when you sign up for service. If you convert to an incompatible price plan, TravelPass will be disabled. You will be notified by SMS of daily fees, and can accept terms and enable or disable TravelPass on demand by using the My Verizon App or calling the Prepaid automated voice response system (888-294-6804) before you travel or from an eligible destination. TravelPass will automatically be disabled after 30 days of inactivity, but can be re-enabled at any time.

SIM Cards: You are responsible for any use of your SIM Card and must safeguard the security codes associated with it. Upon termination of your Verizon Wireless service, please destroy your SIM Card.

Charges When You Are Traveling: If you enable TravelPass on your Prepaid monthly plan, the TravelPass daily fee will give you access to your domestic plan allowances for voice, text, and data. We may send you text alerts to inform you of international rates that may apply, or when your service may be impacted by high usage or a low account balance. These are free courtesy alerts and we can't guarantee you will receive them or that we will limit what you are charged for these services. If you travel to multiple TravelPass destinations with different fees within a 24 hour TravelPass session, you will be charged both fees.

Updated 11/15/22