Support Billing & Account Amazon Redemption FAQs

Amazon Prime + Echo 2nd Generation on us Promotion (11.1.18 to 1.31.19)

If your recent Fios purchase included an Amazon Echo (2nd Gen) and/or a year of Amazon Prime on us, here’s what you need to know:

  • To qualify, your services must be active for 31 days.
  • On Day 31 after your service is installed, you’ll receive an email from Verizon when it’s time to redeem your Prime membership or Amazon Echo (2nd Gen) offer directing you to sign into your My Verizon account or the My Fios app. Once signed in, you will see Redeem Amazon Prime or Redeem Amazon Echo (2nd Gen) tiles for both your Prime Membership as well as your Amazon Echo (2nd Gen).
  • Important: You need to redeem your 1 Year Prime Membership first, and then redeem your Amazon Echo (2nd Gen). Once you click the simple on-screen instructions, you will be guided through the entire redemption process. (If you do not have an Amazon account already and you try to redeem the Amazon Echo (2nd Gen) first, you may not be qualified for some of the benefits that come with your Prime Membership).
  • It is important to note that you need to access this website from your My Verizon account or the My Fios App. This will ensure you always visit the right website to redeem your Prime + Amazon Echo (2nd Gen) offer.
  • Please be sure to redeem your Prime + Amazon Echo (2nd Gen) offer within 60 days from the eligibility date to avoid expiration.

Haven’t created a My Verizon Account yet?

Register with your telephone number, account number or order number.

Redeeming your promotion

  • Verizon created a unique online experience just for you to redeem your Prime + Amazon Echo (2nd Gen) offer. You must click Redeem Now in your My Verizon account on your computer or tablet, or access the My Fios App on your smartphone to redeem you offer.
  • When you’re redeeming your 1 year Prime membership, or selecting your Amazon Echo (2nd Gen), the Promotion Code section of your Amazon Shopping Cart will automatically apply the code to your purchase so you will not be billed for the redemption.
  • Your Prime + Amazon Echo (2nd Gen) offer is a single use code and is valid for a one-time redemption only.
  • Once you have redeemed your Prime + Amazon Echo (2nd Gen) offers, visit Amazon Prime Central for more information.

Invalid Promotional Code / Code does not work

There are a few things to check first:

  • Did you access the offer through your My Verizon Account or the My Fios App? We will automatically apply your Prime or Amazon Echo (2nd Gen) benefits, but you may need to authenticate (sign-in) your Verizon account as the first step.
  • Don’t see your Prime + Amazon Echo (2nd Gen) offer information when you access My Verizon or the My Fios App? This is one of the most common scenarios. Ensure you are accessing your newest account from your most recent Fios order. Some customers have 2 accounts with Verizon and some customers may have a previous account that has been disconnected and re-established with Verizon. All of your promotions are tied to your Verizon ID, and you can only access your rewards by logging into the proper account.
  • Where do I go for help? We made this one easy!
    • For assistance redeeming your reward or questions regarding the Prime + Amazon Echo (2nd Gen) offer, Verizon is your one-stop shop. Your quickest route for information is to use the chat function on this page where our agents are ready to assist. Once you have redeemed your offer, or if you have specific questions regarding your Amazon account, please visit Amazon Help

If you have not yet placed an order for Fios services and are interested in taking advantage of this great promotion, visit and complete your order today.

Black Friday weekend BONUS Offer (11.23.18 to 11.26.18)

Customers who ordered with the Amazon Prime and Amazon Echo (2nd Gen) promotion during the date range of 11.22.18 to 11.26.18 may also have chosen a Black Friday Weekend bonus reward of either a $100 gift card, 1 year membership in XBOX Game Pass, or a Ring Video Doorbell 2. Unlike the above promotions, you are able to redeem these bonus rewards within 24 hours of your order installation. Please see instructions below for claiming your reward:

Redeeming your promotion: gift card
  • Sign into your My Verizon account or My Fios App account, select the gift card image
  • Click the Redeem Now link on the next page
  • Verify your email address, and that’s it. Your gift card will arrive in your email box within 24-48 hours.
Year Membership Xbox Game Pass
  • Sign into your My Verizon account and select the Xbox Game Pass Image
  • On the next screen, you will be directed to sign into an existing Microsoft account, OR create a new one
  • Follow the onscreen directions for each, and copy/paste your redemption code when prompted.
Ring Video Doorbell 2
  • Sign into your My Verizon account or My Fios App account and select the Ring Video Doorbell 2 image
  • On the next screen, choose your free Ring Video Doorbell 2.0 from the Verizon Accessories store
  • The first one is free, but you can add up to 3 additional RIng Video Doorbell 2 items (regular charges apply for additional items)
  • Complete the checkout process, you will be advised of shipping dates.