Online bill overview

Account Summary

Account Summary

The Account Summary provides a view of your current charges and the charges from the previous period.

  1. The Previous Period will show any payments received and if there were unpaid charges. These unpaid charges will show as a “Balance Forward”
  2. The Current Charges Section will show charges for your service for the current period
  3. You will also see the total amount that is due and its due date

Your discounts

In the Your Discounts section, you'll see the equipment or service discounts you received for this billing period. Be sure to check your bill for discount expiration dates.

Details of previous period

In this section, you can see payments received and adjustments and credits applied in the previous period.

Details of charges

In this section, your current charges are broken down into categories.

Your Bundle Charges include your monthly charges, billed one month in advance. Additional Services & Equipment includes charges for equipment and personalized Fios services.

The One-Time Activities section includes charges for items such as movie rentals and pay per view, as well as directory assistance and installation fees.

Last is Taxes, Governmental Surcharges, and Fees. For a full breakdown of these charges, be sure to check out your bill or visit the billing glossary.

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