Home Awareness Terms and Conditions

Home Awareness (“Service”) is a Wi-Fi based motion-detection service, and we want you to know some important things about the Service. By using and/ or subscribing to the Service, you accept these Terms and Conditions (“Terms”).

  1. Customer Agreement.  Your use of this Service is also subject to all of the terms in your Customer Agreement with us. The current version of the Customer Agreement can be found at: https://www.verizon.com/about/terms-conditions/residential-terms-service. If you do not agree with the Customer Agreement and these Terms, you must stop using the Service. Verizon may modify or suspend the Service at any time and may make updates to the Customer Agreement and/ or these Terms without notice. By continuing to use the Service, you are agreeing to such updated and/ or revised Terms.
  2. Compatible Devices:  The Service will only work if you pair your eligible Fios router with compatible Internet of Things (IOT) devices in your home. A list of compatible IOT devices is available on https://www.verizon.com/support/residential/internet/essentials/home-awareness/list-of-compatible-iot-devices/ We reserve the right to update or change the IOT devices compatible with the Service. To pair a compatible IOT device, follow the instructions on the Service’s setup wizard. The Service will support up to ten connected compatible IOT devices per household at any given time. To determine if your household router is eligible for the Service, review the Service’s frequently asked questions at https://www.verizon.com/support/residential/internet/essentials/home-awareness/  and check your router model in the My Verizon app. 
  3. App Enabled; Smartphone and Tablets: You will only be able to access to the Service’s setup wizard, settings, and activities dashboard from the My Verizon app and only on a smartphone or tablet. For the setup wizard to recognize a compatible IOT device to your home router, you may need to approach the device with your smartphone or tablet. During the pairing phase, you may also need to tap on your smartphone or tablet to differentiate a compatible IOT device from other compatible devices in the same room. 
  4. Not an Emergency Notification System: The Service is not intended for a third-party monitored emergency notification system. The Service does not monitor emergency notifications and will not dispatch emergency authorities to your home in the event of an emergency. Verizon makes no warranty or representation that use of the Service will affect or increase any level of safety. You acknowledge the Services are not a substitute for a third-party monitored emergency notification system. All life-threatening, safety, and emergency events should be directed to the appropriate response services.
  5. Fios Internet: The Service will not work or be accessible without:  (i) an active and current FiOS account with Verizon; (ii) a Fios Internet connection at your home; and (iii) an eligible router and Fios-enabled wifi network at your home that communicates reliably with your compatible IOT devices (the “System Elements”). The Service will be interrupted or limited when any of the System Elements are impaired, unavailable, suspended, or not working. 
  6. Prohibited Use. You are prohibited from using any feature or functionality of the Service, including, but not limited to, detecting motion in your home, to harass, stalk, threaten, or invade the privacy of any person.