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How do I save emails to my computer? Emails are moved from an email server to your computer using an email application like Outlook Express. You will connect to the email server and download the emails to your computer. When the emails are downloaded to your computer, they can be deleted from the email server.

To move your emails to your computer using Outlook Express:

  1. Open Outlook Express.
  1. Verify that the emails will be deleted from the email server after they are downloaded to your computer. If you have completed this step previously, you can skip to Step 3.
    • Click Tools in the Menu Bar and select Accounts. [Show Me]
    • Select your Verizon email account and click Properties
Figure depicting Internet Accounts

  1. Click the Advanced tab.

  2. Confirm that Leave a copy of messages on server is not checked. [Show Me]
  3. Click OK and then Close.
  4. Click Send/Recv in the top toolbar.
    • All incoming emails will be saved to your Inbox unless you have created email rules in Outlook Express to organize your emails.
    • Once the emails are saved to your computer, they will be removed from the Verizon email server and will not display in email.

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