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How can I tell if my computer has spyware?

The following symptoms may indicate you have spyware infecting your computer:

  • Your computer performance has slowed dramatically.
  • Your Web browser suddenly closes or stops responding.
  • While viewing a Web site, other instances of your browser open and display Web site advertisements.
  • Pornographic sites keep popping up when you surf the Internet.
  • Your computer dials phone numbers in the middle of the night to expensive pornographic chat lines.
  • New sites are unexpectedly added to your Favorites list.
  • New toolbars are unexpectedly added to your Web browser.
  • Your home page is changed and the new site displays every time you open your browser.
  • You get pop-up advertisements that use your name even when you aren't connected to the Internet.


For spyware removal support, consider purchasing one of Verizon Online's products: Verizon Internet Security Suite or Premium Technical Support.

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