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 Is wireless security on by default? The default security setting uses 64-bit WEP encryption. The default WEP encryption key is printed on the label attached to the bottom of the Verizon 9100VM router. Please note: WEP is not the most secure encryption available today. To make sure we do all we can to protect your information, our wireless routers have security settings that are available to help protect your home wireless network. Using the strongest network security available will go a long way to secure your home network and information against unauthorized access. Verizon strongly recommends that you upgrade to WPA2 encryption, which is available with your current router and provides the highest level of network security available today.

To upgrade your router security setting, complete the following steps using our In-Home Agent Tool:

  • Ensure your router is connected to your computer with an Ethernet cable
  • Click the In-Home Agent icon located on your desktop
  • Open the Internet tab
  • Open the Wireless Internet section found in the Navigation pane
  • Select the Manage Wi-Fi Security topic

If our In-Home Agent tool is not on your computer desktop, you may visit and select the Get In-Home Agent button to install it. For more information about your current router and  security settings please visit

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