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Entering the security settings
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Steps to connect additional computers to a wireless network with a Verizon MI424WR router

  1. Click Security in the left navigation panel.
Figure depicting Security screen

  1. Confirm that the Security check box is selected.
  2. [Show Me]

  3. Select WEP Shared Authentication in the Security Mode field.
  4. [Show Me]

  5. Select Hex in the Key Format field. [Show Me]

  6. Select the same level of WEP encryption (64-bit or 128-bit) you chose in your Verizon router configuration utility. [Show Me]

  7. Enter your network's WEP encryption key in the Default Key field. It must be identical to the WEP Key you entered when you set up your Verizon MI424WR router.
  8. [Show Me]

  9. Click Apply.

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