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Check the Battery Back-up Unit (BBU) for Power


  1. Have you had a power outage in the last eight hours?
    • Yes: Your BBU provides up to 8 hours of power to your phone service. Check the red battery status indicator light on the BBU. If the red battery light is on, go to step 2.
    • No: Go to Step 3.
  2. Check to ensure the battery is properly connected in the BBU. Is the battery light still on?
  3. Do any of the following conditions apply?
    • The power cord is unplugged: Make sure the power cord is plugged into a working AC outlet.
    • The outlet that the BBU is plugged into has a reset switch: The outlet switch may have been tripped. Press the reset button on the outlet.
    • A fuse or circuit breaker has an issue: Check the fuse or circuit breaker to make sure your outlet is working. Reset the breaker or replace fuses if necessary.

      Once you have checked for and resolved the issues for this step, go to Step 4.
  4. Check the AC status indicator light on the BBU. What is the status of the AC light?


Note: The Battery Backup Unit (BBU) will shut down approximately one hour before that battery has completely drained. If you need to make an emergency phone call after the BBU has shut down, press the Battery Emergency Use button on the ONT. This should enable the ONT to reboot and provide up to one hour of talk time. After you press the Battery Emergency Use button, the BBU will operate until the battery has completely drained.

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