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Verizon Webmail Basic Frequently Asked Questions

Set Up

Why is Verizon offering a Basic Version?

Verizon Webmail Basic is has a very similar look and feel to the Verizon email platform: Email & More. Basic is ideal for users familiar with desktop email applications. 

Basic is a simpler version of the standard Webmail platform; Basic is available to all user types whether from the advanced and technically savvy to the brand new, first-time email user.

Why is there advertising on Webmail Basic?

Advertising allows Verizon to make several free advanced features available to our customers such as storage, spam detection, and Rich Internet Webmail. Verizon hopes these additional features will make your Webmail Basic experience that much richer. 


Presently, users who subscribe to Webmail do not have the option to turn off advertising. However, if you are interested in an advertising-free experience, you can sign up for a no advertisement version of Webmail here.

Do any softwares prevent Webmail from functioning properly?

Verizon has received reports that certain versions of Norton Anti-Virus or McAfee may prevent Webmail from loading or functioning properly. While Verizon does not recommend any changes to your existing anti-virus software, you may be able to disable your anti-virus before signing in to Webmail.

 Popup Blocker

Your popup blocker may suppress the following functions:

  • Viewing messages in a new window 
  • Viewing the window with a full header


 Make sure you disable your popup blocker when prompted.

Switching to Verizon Webmail Basic

If you would like to switch over to the Rich Internet Webmail Basic experience, visit and sign up.

How do I access Webmail Basic?

You can visit Webmail Basic by pointing your browser to Remember to bookmark this site.

Which Browser do you recommend for use with Verizon Webmail Basic?

We support Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari. However, the best viewing experience is on Internet Explorer.


Managing Messages 

How do I view messages in full screen?

Click on a message and it will open up full screen. You cannot open a message in a new window.

How can I delete a message without reading it first?

Check the box next to a message and then click on the delete button. This allows you to delete unwanted email without first opening it.

I cannot view my messages list. What can I do?

If you are using a POP-based program such as Outlook or Outlook Express, it is possible your messages are not downloading from the server. You can configure your POP-based client to leave messages on the server.

Visit Email Account Settings for more information on your POP client.

How can I move messages to a folder?

Check mark all the messages you would like to move and then select Move to Folder.

Why does my email content appear garbled?

This is typically caused by certain html tags within your message. Webmail Basic displays most messages accurately.

How do I delete messages?

Check the boxes next to messages you would like to delete and then click on the Delete button in the upper left-hand corner of your inbox.

How can I mark senders as spammers?

Select one or more messages from your inbox and then click the Spam button.

Where can I see all the message options available to me?

Options are available on the top toolbar. Additional options are also available on the More Options drop-down menu.



Where are my Webmail Settings?

Settings can be found on the bottom of the left-hand column under My Settings.

There are two categories of settings:

  • General Settings : Your Display and Time zone settings.
  • Mail Settings : This encompasses all other settings such as Vacation Response, Spam Filtering, and Blocked and Safe Sender lists.

    How can I setup Spam Detector?

    Click Mail under My Settings in the bottom of the left-hand column adjacent to your inbox and then visit the Setup tab.

    How can I edit a signature?

    Visit Mail Settings and then click the Signature tab. You will be able to edit or delete your signature.

    Can I enlarge the application font?

    The font within your browser determines the font size on Webmail Basic. To adjust your browser font in Internet Explorer, go to View in your toolbar and scroll down to Text Size.  

    My outgoing messages are not being saved in the Sent Items folder

    Go to Mail Settings and visit the Setup tab. Ensure that the Save Sent Items option is on.

    Does Webmail time out?

    Due to security reasons, Webmail Basic does timeout after 20 minutes of inactivity. However, messages that were being composed before your session timed out will be saved in the DRAFTS folder.


    Composing Messages

    How can I Compose a Message?

    On the New dropdown, select New Message and then select Go.

    Can I add formatting to my messages?

    When you compose messages using Webmail Basic formatting is built into the top of the Compose screen.

    You can apply the following:

    ·         Bullets

    ·         Numbering

    ·         Fonts

    ·         Bold, italics, underline

    ·         Justify right, left, center

    ·         Spell check in English or Spanish


    Can I add pictures and color to my messages?

    Verizon Webmail Basic gives you several fonts, colors, and advanced composition options. If you have not done so already, consider signing up for Verizon Webmail Basic here:

    Address book

    How do I move messages and contacts into my new Verizon Webmail Basic account?

    Use the Import Contacts tool. If you are upgrading from Netmail to Webmail Basic, your contacts have already been moved.

    Remember, if you have contacts in Outlook Express, those contacts have not been automatically moved to Webmail Basic and must be done so manually.

    How can I add a sender to my address book list?

    Click the Add Contact button in the message header. In the Add Contact pane you can enter detailed new contact information.

    How can I add recipients from my Address book?

    Begin by composing a message and then click the Select Recipients button from the top of the Compose screen. Your contacts pane will appear. Checkmark the contacts that you would like to add to the new message.


    How can I add a contact?


    You can add a contact to your online address book by doing one of the following:

    • From the New Message drop-down menu, select New Contact then enter all of your new contact’s information and select Save.
    • Once you open a message from a recipient, if you wish to save the recipient’s contact information you will see Add Contact to the far right of the From: field

    How can I edit a contact?


    Select a contact from under my address book in the left-hand column of your inbox. Edit the fields of your choice and then click Save.


    Are groups supported?


    We are still working on the groups feature and it will be supported in the near future.



    Why do I receive a warning message every time I attempt to open an attachment?

    As a security measure, a browser will often prompt you with a warning message prior to opening an attachment. This warning message is simply a reminder that you should be careful when opening attachments, especially from unknown senders.

    If you wish to discontinue this warning message, do the following:

    • From the Tools menu, open Internet Options
    • From the Security tab, click Customer Level
    • Under Downloads, enable "Automatic Prompting for File Downloads"


    Spam and Your Protection


    How can I report Spammers?


    When you think an email is from a spammer, you don’t need to block the spammer. Simply select it and click the Spam button*.


    If an email is marked as spam in error, visit the Spam Detector folder and mark it Not Spam.


    *Note: Blocking a Spammer does little to block Spam. Spammers typically change their email addresses from time to time when targeting user mailboxes. You should report spammers using the Spam button on your toolbar.


    How can I block a sender?


    Visit Mail Settings and look under the Blocked Sender tabs. Under Blocked Senders you can type in the email address of a sender that you wish to block. Make sure you turn you block lists on.


    How many senders and domains can be blocked in Webmail Basic?


    Webmail Basic allows you to block a total of 50 senders and domains.



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