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Changing your Westell 6100 modem to Bridge Mode In order to use third-party routers with your Westell 6100 modem, you must first change your Westell modem to bridge mode.

Note: The setup screens may vary slightly from the ones included below, depending on when you purchased your Westell 6100 modem and the firmware running on it.

To change your Westell 6100 modem to bridge mode:

  1. Enter in your browser’s address bar.

  2. Westell 6100 URL

  3. When prompted, enter your Westell 6100 modem user name and password. [Show Me]
    • Note: The default User Name is admin and password is password.

  4. From the main menu, click My Network. [Show Me]

  5. Click Network Connections in the left navigation panel. [Show Me]

  6. Click Broadband Connection (DSL).

  7. Broadband Connection

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