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DSL Speed Optimizer

What does the Speed Optimizer tool do?

There are several system parameters that can be altered on your PC to improve the download performance over your Verizon High Speed Internet connection.

Run the DSL Speed Optimizer
The DSL Speed Optimizer tool modifies your TCP/IP configuration, which allows your system to receive data at a faster rate.

What is TCP/IP?

TCP/IP stands for Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol and allows your system to communicate with other networked computers over the Internet. The standard TCP/IP configuration is optimized for communications over small local networks.

Which parameters and settings does the DSL Speed Optimizer modify?

  1. TCP 1323 Extension - This parameter enables enhancements to the TCP/IP protocol that provide improved performance over high-speed connections.

  2. TCP Receive Window - This parameter specifies the number of bytes a sender (the source you are downloading from) may transmit without receiving an acknowledgment.Modifying it determines the maximum size offered by the system.

  3. MTU (Maximum Transmission Units) - The MTU defines the largest single unit of data that can be transmitted over your connection.
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