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Step 4: Configuring the wireless security settings on your Linksys router  
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Steps to create a Linksys wireless home network

Security is an important issue when using a wireless home network. Because radio waves are used to transfer information between your networked computers, it's possible for hackers to intercept this information. You can make it much more difficult to access your personal information by taking advantage of the security features built into your Linksys router.

Take a few minutes now to improve the security of your home network by changing the initial settings of your Linksys router to provide the level of protection you need. Then periodically maintain the security of your home network by changing your router password, SSID, and WEP key.

Initial Security Settings

  1. Change the Wireless Settings

  2. Change Your Default Router Password

  3. Block WAN Requests

  4. Enable MAC Address filtering

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