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Samsung Galaxy Book2 - Support Overview

Find device-specific support and online tools for your Samsung Galaxy Book2.

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Activation, Setup & User Guides

Activate New Device - Existing Verizon Customer

Here's how to activate a new device on the Verizon network if you already have an active account.

Activate Your Device FAQs

Find answers to questions about activating a mobile phone with Verizon.

How to use Verizon Cloud

Get step-by-step instructions for how to sign up for and use Verizon Cloud online. Upload and back up your contacts, pictures, videos, music, documents and more.

Samsung Galaxy Book2 - Activate / Set Up Device

Here's how to activate and set up your Galaxy Book2.

Samsung Galaxy Book2 User Guide (PDF)

This User Guide can help you get the most out of your device. Learn about set up, feature use and advanced functions.

Top 10 things to do with your new tablet

Learn how to set up your new tablet with important features and functions. Get the most out of your new tablet with these practical tips.

Validate Emergency Address (E911)

Here's info on validating your Emergency Address (E911).

Video: What is Verizon Cloud?
(length: 1:34)

Watch this video to learn about the features of Verizon Cloud - like content transfer, media storage, photo printing and more.
Length: 1:34

Back Up & Transfer Content

Content Transfer Center

Find the best way to transfer your pictures, videos, contacts and other content from one device to another. See step-by-step instructions for devices by operating system.

Samsung Galaxy Book2 - Transfer Data via USB

Here's how to transfer data using a USB on your Galaxy Book2.

Transfer Content with Samsung Smart Switch Mobile App

Here's how to transfer your data from your old device to your current Samsung phone.


How to Clean / Disinfect Your Device

Here's how to properly clean / disinfect / sanitize your smartphone / tablet / basic phone / smartwatch / jetpack.

Battery & Power

Battery Issues - Battery Usage

This outlines potential causes of battery issues (device not charging / holding a charge, short battery life).

Power & Charging Issues - Non-Removable Battery Devices

If you're having issues with your non-removable battery charging or not holding a charge, view this info.

Samsung Galaxy Book2 - Power the Device On / Off

Here's how to turn your Galaxy Book2 on or off.

Samsung Galaxy Book2 - View Battery Info

Here's info on the battery specs (e.g., Usage Time, Standby Time, etc.) for your Galaxy Book2.

Camera, Photos & Videos

Samsung Galaxy Book2 - Common Camera Settings

Here's info on common camera settings (e.g., flash, timer, etc.) for your Galaxy Book2.

Computer/PC Connectivity

Resolve Windows Device Manager Conflicts

Here's how to resolve driver conflicts if your device doesn't properly interface with your computer.


Data gifting for eligible shared data mobile plans FAQs

Verizon mobile customers with an eligible monthly shared data plan can send and/or receive a 1 GB data gift through the My Verizon app.

Device ID & Info

Check for Physical Damage

Here's how to help determine if your device has damage.

Damaged Device Fee FAQs

Learn about the Damaged Device Fee that's charged if you turn in your device for a Certified Like-New Replacement and your returned device has been misused.

Device Settings

Samsung Galaxy Book2 - Touch Screen Settings

Here's info on touch screen settings and gestures for your Galaxy Book2.


Standard Email Messaging Ports

Here's info on standard email messaging ports, which can help with configuration of advanced email settings.

Video: Troubleshooting Personal and Corporate Email
(length: 3:24)

Learn to fix your personal and corporate email with just a few simple steps.
Length: 3:24

Find My Phone

Samsung Galaxy Book2 - Find My Device

Here's how to use Find My Device to remotely lock, locate and erase your Galaxy Book2.

GPS & Location Based Services

Find My Mobile - Samsung

Here's how to turn on Find My Mobile on your Samsung device.

Home Screen

Samsung Galaxy Book2 - Air Command

Here's how to manage Air Command settings for your Galaxy Book2.

Internet & Web Browser

Disable Work Offline - Internet Browser

Here's how to check if you're offline if you can't connect to the internet via a computer with Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox.

How to Check Your Internet Connection Speed

Here's how to test your connection speeds for your smartphone / tablet / jetpack / router / laptop etc. if it's slower than expected.


Samsung Galaxy Book2 - Keyboard Settings

Here's how to manage keyboard settings for your Galaxy Book2.

Samsung Galaxy Book2 - Connect Keyboard Cover

Here's how to attach the removable keyboard cover from your Galaxy Book2.

Lock, Unlock, Password & Security

Device Locking FAQs

To prevent identity theft and fraud, devices bought from Verizon are locked and cannot be used on another carrier's network for the first 60 days after purchase.

Samsung Galaxy Book2 - Device Lock

Here's how to lock and unlock the screen for your Galaxy Book2.


Samsung Galaxy Book2 - Insert or Remove SD / Memory Card

Here's how to insert or remove an SD / memory card for your Galaxy Book2.

Samsung Galaxy Book2 - Remove SD / Memory Card

Here's how to remove an SD / Memory Card from your Galaxy Book2.

Operating System & Software

Determine Software Version - Windows

Here's how to determine what version of Windows your computer is running.

Samsung Galaxy Book2 - Restore to Factory Default

Here's how to restore your Galaxy Book2 to default factory settings.

S Pen

Samsung Galaxy Book2 - Configure S Pen Settings

Here's how to configure S Pen settings (e.g., Show visual effects, Show cursor, etc.) on your Galaxy Book2.

Samsung Galaxy Book2 - Direct S Pen Input

Here's info on S Pen handwriting options for your Galaxy Book2.

SIM Card

SIM Card Tips and Tricks

Here are common tips and tricks for handling a SIM card.

Samsung Galaxy Book2 - Insert / Remove SIM Card

Here's how to properly insert or remove a SIM card for your Galaxy Book2.

Social Networking

Manage Facebook Privacy

If you want to change your Facebook privacy or security, here's how to access those options.

Sounds, Volume & Audio

Samsung Galaxy Book2 - Volume Controls

Here's how to adjust the volume on your Galaxy Book2.

Text & Multimedia Messaging

Cancel Text Messaging Subscriptions

Here's how to cancel text messaging subscriptions from your phone.

Tips, Tricks & Shortcuts

Samsung Galaxy Book2 - Capture a Screenshot

Here's how to capture a screenshot on your Galaxy Book2.

Top 10 things to do with your new tablet

Learn how to set up your new tablet with important features and functions. Get the most out of your new tablet with these practical tips.

Wi-Fi & Network

Video: Troubleshooting a Wi-Fi Connection
(length: 2:55)

Having issues with your Wi-Fi connection? Have no fear! Follow these simple steps to get your Wi-Fi connection up and running.
Length: 2:55