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Second Number Terms & Conditions

Second Number is a second mobile number added to a Dual SIM capable smartphone, where one line of service is already in use on the Verizon Network. The second number will have Unlimited Talk and Text in the United States, Mexico and Canada, however, if more than 50% of your usage over a 60-day period is in Mexico and/or Canada, Verizon may discontinue service. Data services (other than text) will be supplied by the Primary line only. Some devices may not be compatible with all features supported by the Verizon network, and there may be functional limitations to features such as visual voicemail for the second line. If you are using Second Number on a Dual Sim/Dual Standby device and transition to a 5G Stand Alone core, you will have limited access to Ultra Wideband technology and experience slower speeds while in that area. Primary line must remain active on an eligible plan and must remain on a Dual SIM device. If you move to an ineligible plan or device, the second number line will be disconnected within 3 days if you fail to return to a compatible plan and device.