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Verizon Smart Locator FAQs

General Information

  1. What is Verizon Smart Locator?

    Verizon Smart Locator helps you keep track of what's most important to you.

    Attach a Smart Locator to an item, and then you can check that item's location from your smartphone anytime with the Verizon Smart Locator Hub app.

    You can use Smart Locator to track a variety of items, including your:

    • Pet
    • Car or motorcycle
    • Backpack or computer bag
    • Keys
    • Purse
    • Sporting equipment (bicycle, case, camping gear, etc.)

  2. Who is eligible to use Verizon Smart Locator?

    To use Smart Locator, you must have an Android™ smartphone or iPhone® to get the Verizon Smart Locator Hub app.

    Note: Business and government accounts aren't eligible at this time. If you don't already have Verizon service, the Smart Locator will be set up on a new prepaid account for you.

  3. How much does Verizon Smart Locator cost?

    Verizon Smart Locator costs $99.99.

    This price includes 12 months of the Verizon Smart Locator plan, which gives your Smart Locator device access to the Verizon network.

    After 12 months, the Verizon Smart Locator plan costs $3/month. TT

  4. How do I get Verizon Smart Locator?

    You can buy a Smart Locator online, through the My Verizon app, or in a Verizon store or Authorized Retailer.

    After purchasing a Smart Locator, you can download the Verizon Smart Locator Hub app from:

  5. Will use of my Verizon Smart Locator be charged against my existing data plan allowance?

    No, your Smart Locator comes with a separate data plan, which is automatically added to your account when you activate the device. It gives your Smart Locator access to the Verizon network and all the data you need to locate it.

    The first 12 months of the plan are included with the purchase of your Smart Locator, After 12 months, the plan costs $3/month.

  6. How do I use my Verizon Smart Locator?

  7. How can I improve the battery life of my Smart Locator?

    The Smart Locator was designed to optimize battery consumption, so you don't need to charge the device as frequently.

    The top cause of battery drainage is how often the device sends its location. The Smart Locator has some built-in Sleep Mode features to ensure it only communicates with the network when needed.

    Here are some other things you can do to help extend your Smart Locator's battery life:

    • Schedule the Smart Locator to sent alerts less frequently (e.g., every 2 hours instead of every 5 minutes).
    • Reduce the number of set location-based alerts (geo-fences) you use.
    • Schedule a longer Sleep Mode time (e.g., match it to your sleep schedule).
    • Limit the amount you use real-time tracking. It's the biggest cause of battery drainage, and it should only be used when absolutely necessary.

  8. What is Sleep Mode for my Smart Locator?

    Sleep Mode is designed to help conserve your Smart Locator's battery. Smart Locator can be set up for scheduled and unscheduled Sleep Mode.

    • Scheduled Sleep Mode: During initial setup of your Smart Locator, you'll set scheduled times when you want to receive location alerts. The time frames you don't set to receive alerts will be the times your device goes into scheduled Sleep Mode. (Typically, it's during the time you're sleeping.)

      While in this mode:

      • The Smart Locator completely shuts off and won't send or receive location alerts.
      • You can't communicate with the Smart Locator.
      • Any changes to the Smart Locator's location alerts, time-based alerts or Sleep Mode time period won't take effect until the device wakes up. At that time, the Smart Locator will update and operate according to the new settings.

    You don't have to use scheduled Sleep Mode. You can ask to receive alerts 24/7. But not using scheduled Sleep Mode will significantly reduce the Smart Locator's battery life and increase how often you need to charge it.

    • Unscheduled Sleep Mode: The Smart Locator has a built-in accelerometer to detect when it's in motion. If the device hasn't moved for 10 minutes, it will automatically go into Sleep Mode until it moves again. This helps maximize your battery life.

      While in this mode:

      • The Smart Locator may not report its location as often as it's scheduled to because its location hasn't changed since the last report. This avoids wasting battery life reporting the same information.

      • You can still manually locate your Smart Locator.

    Once the Smart Locator starts moving again, it will wake up from unscheduled Sleep Mode and report its location according to your set schedule.

  9. Does the Smart Locator work in roaming areas?

    The Smart Locator will only work in roaming areas where carriers have Verizon-licensed 4G LTE frequencies. It won’t work internationally or on other carrier networks that use other frequencies.

  10. Does the Smart Locator work with a Network Extender?

    The Smart Locator doesn’t work with Network Extender devices. If you use a Network Extender in your home, the Smart Locator won’t function.


  1. My Verizon Smart Locator won’t turn on. What should I do?

    In general, the LED light on your Verizon Smart Locator will remain off to conserve the battery. So it may look like it's off, even though it's on and fully charged. The light will only blink if you press the button on the Smart Locator device.

    If you aren't sure if your Smart Locator is turned on and working, you can:

    • Press the button on the Smart Locator. If the light turns on or blinks, the device is on and working. Learn more about the LED light patterns.
    • Manually locate your Smart Locator. If the Smart Locator Hub app is able to successfully locate the device, your Smart Locator is working properly.

  2. My Verizon Smart Locator won't respond when I press the button. What should I do?

    In rare cases, a Smart Locator may become frozen and won't respond. If this happens, you can perform an emergency hardware reset:

    1. Press and hold the button for 22 seconds until you hear a beep sound.
    2. Release the button.

    Your Smart Locator will reset and turn back on. Follow the steps to activate the Smart Locator again.

    Note: Your Verizon Smart Locator has a permanently embedded battery. Never try to remove the battery because you'll break the device.

  3. What should I do if the Smart Locator Hub app times out while activating or pairing?

    Due to connectivity or signal strength issues, activating and/or pairing your Smart Locator can take a few minutes. This is normal. Even if the app times out and says it couldn't complete pairing, tap Try Again, and re-scan the QR code. It should pick up where it left off.

    If you can't seem to complete pairing after several attempts, this may be a device issue. Please call Customer Service or take the device to a Verizon store for help.

  4. I got an error message when trying to activate Smart Locator. What should I do?

    There are several reasons you could be getting an error message, and the app activation may not be complete. If you receive an error message, it should provide you with clear instructions on how to activate the device.

    Here are some common errors and how to resolve them:

    • You entered invalid credentials. Please verify your credentials and try to re-enter them.
    • You don't have Account Owner or Account Manager permissions, or you haven't accepted the Account Manager permissions in My Verizon. Only an Account Owner can grant you Account Manager permissions. If they have done so and you still can't activate the app, make sure you sign in to the My Verizon website or the My Verizon app to accept them. You'll automatically be prompted with the new Terms & Conditions for the Account Manager permissions. Once you accept, you can continue the Smart Locator activation and pairing process.
    • Your wireless plan is not compatible. Not to worry, you can still activate your Smart Locator device through the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) page in My Verizon. Follow the onscreen prompts to activate Smart Locator on a new line.
    • You have an unpaid balance on your account. Your wireless account needs to be current before you can activate the Smart Locator on your account. Sign in to My Verizon and pay your unpaid balance. Then you can come back to the Smart Locator Hub app to activate the device.
    • You have 10 or more devices on your account. For fraud and security reasons, you can't add a line to your My Verizon account if you already have 10 or more lines. You'll need to call Customer Service or take the device to a Verizon store for help.

  5. How do I replace a broken Smart Locator?

    If your device is broken or not working properly, you can return it to a Verizon store or call Customer Service to have a replacement sent to you.

    Once you have the replacement device, a Customer Service Representative will need to transfer the old device's line of service to the new device. Once the line of service has been transferred, you can use the Smart Locator Hub app to pair the new device with your smartphone. 

    Note: Replacement devices will NOT receive the complimentary 12 months for the Smart Locator plan. You must transfer the line of service from your old (broken) device to the new (replacement) device to continue to receive your promotional plan service. 


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