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Verizon Resale Tax Form

Thank you for trading in your mobile device with Verizon wireless. Here you'll find a link to a form to document that we purchased your device and intend to resell it. The list below provides links associated with the state where you sold your device to Verizon wireless.

Please read the below carefully before selecting a tax form:

  • You don't have to file the resale form with any tax return. It's just for your files.
  • If you traded in your device at a Verizon wireless store, download the form from the state where you traded your device, not the state where you live. For example, if you live in California but traded your device at a New York store, you should download the New York form. If you traded your device at a store in Ohio, download the Ohio form.
  • If you traded your device by mailing it to the Verizon wireless Device Recycling Program processing center at Bloomington, IN, use the Indiana form.
  • If you turned in your original device after an upgrade, and had your order shipped to your home or business, use the Texas form.
  • Some states don't have a resale tax form, which is indicated below.

Click the state to access its tax form (PDF)*:

*To view the PDF file, you may need to download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.