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Usage Controls Terms & Conditions

Subject to Customer Agreement.  Usage Controls requires a supported device on a supported plan and does not work with active Push to Talk features, devices with Static Internet Protocol Addresses, prepay or business accounts, or accounts with more than 12 lines of service. Usage Controls may not work outside the U.S. Coverage area and when roaming.

You are responsible for implementing and maintaining Usage Controls settings for devices on your account and explaining the limitations you impose on a user's ability to access and use Verizon Wireless services. Upon activation of Usage Controls you will be charged the monthly subscription fee until you cancel the service, regardless of whether or not you have established any limits or restrictions through 'My Verizon.' Usage Controls settings cannot be established or changed directly through the handset, except for Data Limits. If you unsubscribe or are canceled for non-payment, or are otherwise suspended from service, your settings will be lost.

Usage Controls is not guaranteed to be precise or accurate. All voice, data and messaging usage will be billed in accordance with the applicable plan, feature or bundle. Due to roaming, promotions, billing cycles, time zone settings, specific settings selected and other implications/limitations that affect Usage Controls, you may incur overage charges based on actual usage in accordance with your plan or you may unexpectedly be prevented from using or allowed to use certain services. Spending limits for Premium Messaging are not supported and all fees and charges incurred will be billed in accordance with your plan. Specific information about allowance limitations and restrictions will be made available when you establish settings. Please read limit options and information carefully before selecting the setting. Purchase Limits do not include minutes of use, messaging fees and data charges applicable with use of a service or application nor monthly recurring fees for certain services and downloadable applications. Data Limit calculations are based on actual data usage but depending upon the setting selected it may restrict use of all data services whether or not billable data usage applies. If you have Mobile IM version 3.0 or higher on a 4G device or if you are using third party messaging applications (such as iMessage), you will be able to use instant messaging or such third party applications, but such use will not be controlled or restricted by Usage Controls. Additionally, Usage Controls does not restrict usage over Wi-Fi networks. All applicable fees and charges incurred will be billed in accordance with your plan.

When you establish Time Restrictions, all data services will be unavailable during the restricted period, except for My Verizon Handset Login and Data Usage Meter. Time Restrictions cannot block the MobileTV feature and will not prevent use during any established time frame. The first time you establish a Time Restriction or a data limit, or if you're making changes to those settings, the controlled line's device must be powered off. Save the settings and after you've viewed the confirmation that settings have been saved, power the device back on. This ensures the settings will take effect.

For voice and messaging, during restricted times, you will only be able to place or receive calls and send or receive text, video and picture messages from Trusted Contacts and Voice Limits may preclude voice usage except for Trusted Contacts.

No restrictions are placed on a user's ability to place and receive 911 calls. In the event that a user dials 911 from his/her handset, all Usage Controls voice restrictions and limitations will be automatically suspended until the Account Owner restarts the service for that line. All voice, data and messaging usage will be billed in accordance with the applicable plan, feature or bundle.

Only phone numbers, messaging short codes, email addresses, screen names and international numbers can be added as Blocked Contacts. You cannot block numbers 911 or 611. You may choose to block calls to 411 as well as calls received from “private”, "unavailable" or "restricted" callers. When you block calls to 411, calls to NPA-555-1212 will still be allowed and will be billed in accordance with the applicable plan, feature, or bundle. When you use Blocked Contacts, you will not receive notification of attempted delivery of a call/message to your device from the blocked contact. Blocked Contact list will place restrictions on a user's ability to place or receive voice calls and send or receive messages to blocked phone numbers, email addresses, international numbers, screen names, as well as numbers listed as “private”, “unavailable” or “restricted”, and 411, if selected. Voice calls and text, video, or picture messages between Trusted Contacts will always be available.

Trusted Contacts can include phone numbers on your Wireless account or other phone numbers (including landlines and cell phones), email addresses, international numbers and screen names, and messaging short codes. Communication between Trusted Contacts is always allowed. Voice usage associated with non-Verizon Wireless trusted contacts will count toward Usage Controls limits, unless calls are placed during free calling periods (i.e. Nights & Weekends). All messages (except those associated with Mobile to Mobile messaging) will count toward Usage Controls limits. However, all voice, data and messaging usage will be billed in accordance with the applicable plan, feature or bundle.