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Unlimited Mobile to Mobile Messaging Bundle Terms & Conditions

Subject to Text, Picture and Video Messaging terms and conditions. May require subscription to new Plan. Cannot be combined with any other bundle that includes a text or picture/video message allowance. Applies only to text, picture and video messages sent to and received from other Verizon Wireless ten-digit phone numbers. Premium text messaging and instant messaging fees are not included.

Text, Picture and Video Messaging

Messaging-capable phone required. Camera phone required for Picture and Video Messaging; some older phone models may not support video. Instant messages are charged as text messages. If you have a smartphone, sending and receiving picture and video messages will not be billed unless you are in the Extended National Enhanced Services Rate and Coverage Area; in which case sending and receiving picture and video messages will be billed as data usage per your data plan or feature, or billed at 1.5¢ per KB ($15.36 per MB), as applicable. Text messages sent are billed per address. Picture and Video messages sent to up to 10 addresses are billed as one message. Messaging Bundle benefits do not apply to international messages. When roaming internationally, different charges may apply and Messaging Bundle allowances may not apply; see verizonwireless.com/international for more information. See vtext.com for information about Text Alerts. We reserve the right to block unsolicited messages, but you may receive them. Messages not delivered within five (5) days from receipt on our network will be deleted. We do not guarantee that messages will be received and are not responsible for lost or misdirected messages. Text messages cannot exceed 160 characters, including the sender’s callback number and the destination number/email address. Some phone models support a higher character limit and enhanced messaging features, which the message recipient may not be able to view if their service provider or phone does not support them. Picture and Video Messaging is subject to the Use Agreement posted at vzwpix.com. Canceling a picture or video message after pressing SEND may result in messages sent with only partial content. You can control receipt of picture and video messages using your phone’s “prompt mode” feature.

Premium Text Messaging Programs

Parents and Account Holders:
Note that users on an account may directly access text and premium text message programs and incur charges. If you do not want a user on your account to access such content, or feel that certain material is inappropriate, you may block text messaging. These programs are sponsored by third parties and identified by unique five- or six-digit numbers (“short codes”). Programs and opt-in requirements vary. Standard messaging charges apply to all messages sent and received via short codes. Some programs also charge additional premium fees ("Premium Programs"), the amount and billing frequency of which will be disclosed at time of opt-in and billed on your Verizon Wireless bill. To opt in, send a text message to the applicable short code and follow any instructions. To opt out at any time, send the words CANCEL, END, QUIT, STOP or UNSUBSCRIBE to the applicable short code. To get more information, including contact details for the third-party sponsor, send the word HELP to the applicable short code. Some campaigns may be subject to additional terms and conditions.

Last Updated 01/2009