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GizmoWatch Disney Edition Software Update

Verizon is pleased to announce a software update for your device. This software update has been tested to optimize device performance, resolve known issues, and apply the latest security patches.

Before you download, make sure your device is connected to a Wi-Fi network or has a strong Verizon wireless network connection.

System Update 5

The details:

Release date: 05/21/2024
Software Version: QTAX56_30A40

What's changing:

The current software update provides performance improvements to your device.

System Update 4

The details:

Release date: 04/11/2022
Software Version: QTAX56_30A30

What's changing

The current software update applies the following enhancements:

  • Call end and decline notifications in the GizmoHub app. Includes notifications when a call has ended and notifications stating the reason a call has been declined (e.g., busy, on a call, School Mode).

The current software update addresses the following issues:

  • Incoming calls sometimes terminated during video calling.

Software update for hardware change:

  • Added audio tuning data for new speaker amplifier.

System Update 3

The details:

Release date: 11/17/2021
Software Version: QTAX56_30A29

What's changing:

The current software update provides the following improvements and enhancements:

  • Supports video calling between the watch and the GizmoHub app.
  • Improves performance of location features.
  • Addressed an issue with Mascot selection failing randomly after pairing with the GizmoHub app.
  • Preloaded 8 new Mascots.