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Humx by Verizon - Support Overview

Hum× by Verizon helps make your car smarter, safer and more connected. Find device-specific support and online tools for Hum× by Verizon.

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Activation, Setup & User Guides

Activate New Device - Existing Verizon Customer

Here's how to activate your new iPhone or Android smartphone. You can also learn how to turn off iMessage, transfer content and more.

Connect Your Device Directly to the PC

Here's how to connect your device directly to your PC.

Hum by Verizon - Activate / Set Up Device

Here's info on how to activate and set up your Hum account.

Hum x by Verizon - Charge the Speaker

Here's info on how to charge your Hum x Bluetooth speaker.

Humx by Verizon Quick Start Guide (PDF)

This Quick Start Guide can help you get the most out of your device.

Import Other Dial-up Accounts - VZAccess® Manager

Here's how to import existing Internet Service Provider (ISP) dial-up accounts using VZAccess Manager on your Windows computer.

Set Up Favorites - Mobile Web 2.0

Here's how to add your favorite websites to Mobile Web 2.0.

Video: Setting Up Hum by Verizon
(length: 3:04)

Watch this video to learn how to setup your Hum by Verizon in just four easy steps!
Length: 3:04

Alerts & Reminders

Hum by Verizon - Auto Health Report

Here's how to view the auto health report and diagnostic issues for your Hum equipped vehicle.

Hum by Verizon - Mobile App - Add a Boundary Alert

Here's how to set boundaries and receive alerts when a Hum equipped vehicle enters / exits a specific area.

Hum by Verizon - Mobile App - Add a Speed Alert

Here's how to set speed limits and receive speed alerts on your Hum equipped vehicle via the mobile app.

Hum by Verizon - Mobile App - Set Scheduled Maintenance Reminders

Here's how to set up and receive alerts from your Hum system when it's time for maintenance (e.g., oil change).

Hum by Verizon - Web Portal - Add a Speed Alert

Here's how to set speed limits and receive speed alerts on your Hum equipped vehicle via the web portal.


How to Clean / Disinfect Your Device

Here's how to properly clean / disinfect / sanitize your smartphone / tablet / basic phone / smartwatch / jetpack.

Hum by Verizon - Service Marketplace (Car Wash Trial)

Here's how to request a car wash using the Service Marketplace in your Hum app.

Hum x by Verizon - Switch Service to a Different Vehicle

Here's how to move your Hum x system from one vehicle to another.

Video: Hum helps teen driver safety
(length: 3:04)

Help your teen develop safe driving habits with the help of Hum's safe driving app. Share the rules of the road and equip them with the right safety features.
Length: 3:04

Video: Hum's Auto Health and Roadside Assistance
(length: 3:04)

Hum lets you check your car's health from your phone and detect problems before you hit the road, all from inside the app.
Length: 3:04

Battery & Power

Hum x by Verizon - Power the Speaker On / Off

Here's how to turn handsfree calling on the Hum x speaker on or off.


Hum by Verizon - Shipping Mode

Here's how to troubleshoot if your Hum speaker doesn't power on or pair with a Bluetooth device.

Hum x by Verizon - Create a Paired Connection

Here's how to pair your phone with the Hum x Bluetooth speaker.

Hum x by Verizon - Turn Bluetooth On / Off

Here's how to turn Bluetooth on or off for your Hum x speaker and make it visible to other devices for pairing.

Calling & Dialing

Hum x by Verizon - Answer a Call

Here's how to use the Hum x Bluetooth speaker to answer an incoming call.

Hum x by Verizon - Contact an Emergency Assistance Specialist

Here's info on how to contact emergency assistance using your Hum x speaker.


Hum x by Verizon - View Data Usage

Here's how to view how much data your Hum x has used.

Device ID & Info

Device Settings

Disable Automatic Configuration and Proxy Server Settings

Here's how to disable automatic configuration and proxy server settings on your device.

Hum by Verizon - Mobile App - View Safety Score

Here's how to view and manage the Safety Score the Hum app gives you based on your driving habits.

Hum x by Verizon - Device Set

Here's info on the hardware components included with the Hum x.

GPS & Location Based Services

Hum by Verizon - Mobile App - Navigate to a Location

Here's how to navigate to a mapped location using the Hum app.

Home Screen

Customizing favorites on the Home Deck - Mobile Web

Here's how to add a link / folder to mobile web on your desktop or notebook computer.


Hum x by Verizon - Manage Mobile / Wi-Fi Hotspot Settings

Here's how to configure Mobile / Wi-Fi Hotspot Settings (e.g., network name, password, etc.) for your Hum x.

Hum x by Verizon - Turn Mobile / Wi-Fi Hotspot On / Off

Here's how to turn the Mobile Hotspot for your Hum x by Verizon on or off.

Hum x by Verizon - Web Portal - Manage Mobile / Wi-Fi Hotspot Settings

Here's how to configure Mobile / Wi-Fi Hotspot Settings (e.g., password) via the Hum x web portal.

Operating System & Software

Reboot the Router

If you can't connect to your Wi-Fi router, rebooting or restarting the may help.

Sounds, Volume & Audio

Hum x by Verizon - Volume Controls

Here's how to adjust the volume for your Hum x device.

Text & Multimedia Messaging

Cancel Text Messaging Subscriptions

Here's how to cancel text messaging subscriptions from your phone.

Wi-Fi & Network

Hum x by Verizon - Change the Wi-Fi Password

Here's how to change the password needed to connect to the Mobile Hotspot on your Hum x.