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Verizon Services FAQs

About Verizon Services

  1. What is Verizon Services?

    Verizon Services is a system application found on certain Android™ devices that helps us monitor and improve our network and serve you better. Starting in early 2019, devices with Verizon Services installed will ask for your permission to collect information about your device's location and the apps installed on it. If you permit this collection, we will use location information to help fix network issues and optimize your service and use app list info to troubleshoot issues more quickly when you call Customer Service.

  2. How do I choose whether Verizon Services may collect location and app info from my device?

    When activating a new device, during the setup process you'll be asked for consent to allow Verizon Services to collect location and app list information from your device. You can change that choice at any time via the My Verizon app:

    1. Open the My Verizon app.
    2. Open the menu in the top left and tap Account.
    3. Tap Account Settings.
    4. Tap Privacy.
    5. Tap Select below the device you're managing Verizon Services for.
    6. Tap Verizon Services.
    7. On the Verizon Services screen you choose to share info about your location and app usage. Tap the switch to green to enable a service. To disable a service, tap the switch to gray.

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