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Voicemail Comparison Chart

  Voicemail (Included) iPhone® Visual Voicemail (Included) Voicemail to Text for iPhone ($2.99) Visual Voicemail (Included) Premium Visual Voicemail ($2.99)
Storage Capacity 20 messages 40 messages 40 messages 20 messages 40 messages
Message Duration 3 minutes 3 minutes 3 minutes 3 minutes 5 minutes
Voicemail Transcription1, 3 -- Yes4 Yes5 -- Yes
Manage Standard Greetings *86 only App and *86 App and *86 App and *86 App and *86
Caller Dependent Greetings2 -- -- -- -- 20
Caller Dependent Greeting
members per group
-- -- -- -- 50
Call Return -- Yes Yes Yes Yes
Reply by Text Message and Email -- Yes Yes Yes Yes
Forward by Text Message and Email -- -- -- -- Yes
Save Voicemails to Device6 -- -- -- Yes Yes
Contact List Integration -- Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fax Support -- -- -- -- Yes
Distribution Lists 15 -- -- 15 20
Distribution Members 10 -- -- 10 50
Personal Operator -- -- -- -- Yes
Mobile Application -- Yes Yes Yes Yes
Reply by Facetime® -- Yes Yes -- --
Compatible Operating Systems Basic phones, Android™ smartphones, BlackBerry, Windows Phones iOS only iOS only Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone
Voicemail Platform AnyPath & Comverse

-- Not Available

1 Voicemail Transcription: Discreetly read voicemails without listening to them
2 Caller Dependent Greetings: Create personal greetings for a caller or a group of callers
3 Only the first 45 seconds of each voice message will be transcribed
4 Voicemail transcriptions for customers using iPhones with iOS 10 or later are supported with Apple's voicemail app
5 Transcribed voicemails will be sent as an SMS. Important: A transcribed voicemail won’t be sent to you by text message if Live Voicemail is active on your device. Learn how to disable Live Voicemail.
6 Windows Phones that support Visual Voicemail ($2.99), do not support saving voicemails to the device.

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