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ZenKey FAQs

General Information

  1. What is ZenKey?

    ZenKey is a mobile app that allows easy, secure access to other apps, websites, and online services. By connecting online service providers like your bank or your social app with Verizon's network, ZenKey helps protect your identity while making sign-in simpler and faster. Built by ZenKey and powered by Verizon, the strength and security of Verizon's network offers a passwordless future where you won't have to compromise security for convenience. ZenKey and Verizon are working on enabling ZenKey functionality on Verizon and third-party apps and websites - but in the meantime you can use ZenKey at the demo experience. Check the ZenKey app for new integrations and learn more at myzenkey.com.

    Make sure you download ZenKey to your primary smartphone, the one that you use the most.

    Visit our ZenKey Support page and support.myzenkey.com for more information and help using the ZenKey app.

  2. How do I set up ZenKey?

    Once you download ZenKey to your device you'll be guided through the following setup steps:

    1. Download Verizon's ZenKey app and open it. Your device must have an active Verizon SIM card that can connect to the Verizon network.
    2. Select Get Started and accept the Terms and Conditions.
    3. Provide your Verizon password when requested - your User ID is your phone number and will be populated based on the device that you are on. The phone number cannot be edited or changed.
    4. After you have signed in with your Verizon credentials, a form will appear where you can enter your email, first name, last name, and zip code. Once you have filled in these profile details, tap Next.
    5. We'll send a code to the email address you provided. Enter the code to verify your email.
    6. Optional: Set up your desired Recovery Method. What is a Recovery Method?
    7. Provide your consent to send notifications. ZenKey uses these to authenticate other apps, browsers and devices.

    You have successfully set up ZenKey. You can now visit the demo.myzenkey.com.

  3. How do I use ZenKey?

    Right now you can only use ZenKey at the demo.myzenkey.com - we are working to integrate Verizon and third party apps and websites now. In the future, when you visit an app or website that supports ZenKey, you'll see a Sign in with ZenKey button. Simply tap or click the Sign in with ZenKey button and the app or website will verify your identity through Verizon. There's no need to remember and enter a User ID or password, ZenKey does it all for you.

  4. How do I register for an app or website using ZenKey?

    • When visiting an app or website that supports ZenKey, tap the Sign in with ZenKey button.
    • The first time you register for or sign into an app or website with ZenKey, you'll see a list of the data that the app/website would like to receive from you. Once you approve you can sign in easily with no password. You can review and manage each app's privacy policy in the My Services section of the ZenKey app.

  5. How do I sign in to an app or website with ZenKey?

    • When visiting an app or website that supports ZenKey, tap the Sign in with ZenKey button.
    • You may be asked to confirm the sign in with your ZenKey PIN or biometric.
    • Based on the security requirements of the app or website, you may be asked to provide an additional factor, such as a biometric authentication or your ZenKey PIN.

  6. How do I authorize a transaction within an app or website using ZenKey?

    In some situations where you are performing a high-value or high-risk transaction in a ZenKey-supported app or website, you may be asked to provide additional authentication.

    To authorize a transaction with ZenKey, tap the ZenKey button when it appears.

  7. Does ZenKey work outside the U.S.?

    Yes, when you are outside the U.S. connected to a Verizon roaming partner’s network, you can continue to use ZenKey to sign in to supported apps and websites that are based in the United States.

  8. How does ZenKey work without a password?

    ZenKey uses the Verizon network and encrypted information on your phone to authenticate you, so there is no need to create a password to sign in to ZenKey. You'll create a PIN in case you if a third-party app or online service provider requests from you an additional factor of authentication.

  9. Which apps and websites support ZenKey?

    Download ZenKey to discover the apps and websites that support ZenKey.

  10. What is a recovery method in ZenKey?

    A recovery method is a way of authenticating your ZenKey account. You’ll need to recover your account in the following situations:

    • When you attempt to register a new ZenKey account.
    • When your primary mobile device has been completely wiped and returned to factory settings.
    • If your existing device has failed to provide a PIN or password an excessive number of times.
    • When you swap your SIM with another device or get a new SIM on your primary device.
    • When your ZenKey account is used on a new phone or for a new phone number.

    When you recover your account you will be asked for 3 recovery methods to effectively prove that your device and SIM are associated with your ZenKey account. This is to ensure your privacy.

    Your recovery method options are:

    • Email Verification: Enter the emailed temporary code into the ZenKey app.
    • Carrier Credentials: Provide your Verizon password.
    • Recovery Device: Provide proof of possession of another trusted device you have linked to your ZenKey account. (Note: secondary device recovery and login depends on browser cookies. If you clear your cookies, you will lose your saved secondary devices.)
    • Recovery Code: Provide a one-time use code configured by and retrieved from your ZenKey account.
    • ZenKey Biometric: Provide a fingerprint or face scan if Biometrics are enabled.

  11. How does ZenKey keep my data secure?

    To thwart identity thieves, ZenKey uses multiple factors of authentication - ranging from fingerprints and wireless credentials to recovery codes and PIN numbers - building the cyber equivalent of a bank vault. ZenKey is also safer because Verizon verifies your identity through secure network authentication and protected elements in your device's SIM card. As a result, Verizon makes signing in to your favorite apps and online services much easier and safer than before.

    ZenKey also eliminates the need for passwords. Most data breaches are the result of compromised, weak, or reused passwords. To make matters worse, most of us spend a lot of time registering for new accounts and recovering passwords we’ve forgotten. With ZenKey, signing in is more than secure - it's simpler and more efficient. You add a Service in ZenKey, press the ZenKey button in an third-party app or website, and there you go: you have rendered passwords obsolete. ZenKey offers peace of mind.

    Learn more about how to protect your Verizon account.

  12. I'm on a Verizon prepaid plan, how do I sign up for Zenkey?

    To register for Zenkey if you’re on a prepaid plan you’ll need to have a My Verizon user ID and password before signing in to the ZenKey app.

    1. Register for a prepaid My Verizon account on the My Verizon Registration page if you don’t already have one.
    2. Once you know your Verizon password, download or reopen the Verizon ZenKey app.
    3. When prompted, fill out your name, email, and zip code. You may have already done this but to ensure your security, complete this one more time.
    4. When prompted, sign in with your Verizon password in the Verizon ZenKey app.
    5. Complete Verizon ZenKey registration and you're all set!

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