Keep up with Nest devices while your Pixel 3 is charging.

Enjoy seamless integration with the Nest products in your home while your Pixel 3 charges. Whenever someone rings your Nest Hello doorbell, the video feed will appear on your Pixel 3 screen so you can see who’s at the door.

The wireless charger that acts like your personal assistant.

Use the Google Assistant to get more done while fast-charging your Pixel 31. Jump-start and customize routines to check your daily schedule, get weather and commute information, and more. You can also charge Qi-compatible devices.

Time to see the light.

With your phone in the dock, you can set a light to slowly brighten with warm colors just before your alarm goes off, creating a more natural and pleasant wakeup experience.

Your favorite photos,
on display.

While your Pixel 3 charges, turn it into a digital photo frame with Google Photos and relive your favorite moments with family and friends.