Data Processing Activities

Pursuant to agreements with its customers, Verizon and its affiliates and their respective agents may process personal data in connection with the provision of products and services (Services). Descriptions of the Services and the related processing activities are set forth below.

Subject Matter, Nature and Purpose of Processing:

The subject matter, nature and purpose of the processing of personal data is as set forth in the agreement between Verizon and its customer governing the provision of Services. 

Duration of Processing: The duration of the processing of personal data is for the term of the agreement between Verizon and its customer governing the provision of Services, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing by Verizon and its customer.

Categories of Data:

Data relating to individuals provided to Verizon by or at the direction of Verizon’s customers or their end users may include:

  • Names
  • Addresses
  • Telephone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Fax numbers
  • IP addresses
  • Device identification information
  • Location information

For customers who use our Verizon Connect telematics services, we also collect vehicle and driving information, including information such as location and speed.

Data Subjects:

Data subjects include the individuals about whom data is provided to Verizon by or at the direction of Verizon’s customers or their end users and may include: 

  • Customer employees
  • Customer end users
  • Customer suppliers

Product Name


Audio Conferencing

Verizon Audio Conferencing offers a choice of audio conferencing services.

Carrier Data Integration

APIs that offer information to help service providers better onboard customers and verify customers to reduce fraud.

Colocation Services

Verizon Colocation provides a secure, dedicated environment where customers can collocate their servers, storage, or network equipment.

Cross Carrier ID

Cross-carrier Mobile ID solution

Cyber Risk Programs

Using the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) as its foundation, Cyber Risk Programs consist of recurring activities designed to measure the effectiveness of cyber risk controls and identify potential weaknesses.

Dedicated Managed Messaging

Unified Communication and Collaboration Managed Services for Microsoft Exchange, Lync and SharePoint, including monitoring, management, service requests, support and a customer dashboard for reporting and ticket management.

Device Protection / Tech Coach / Tech Sure

Equipment Protection/insurance program that includes expedited device replacement when traveling overseas.

Direct Carrier Billing

Operates as a payment mechanism for Verizon and third party applications such as Verizon Messages and Cloud as well as third party applications and allows Verizon customers to place up to $100 per month per line of digital content onto their wireless bill.

DNS Safeguard

DNS Safeguard is a cloud-based security platform that blocks inappropriate and malicious sites and content before an IP connection is established.

DOS Defense - Detection

DOS Defense Detection is a managed network-based traffic analysis service that provides anomaly detection and proactive alerts when Customer’s traffic deviates from normal traffic patterns.

Enterprise Message Access Gateway (EMAG)

EMAG is an SMS Gateway product that allows Enterprise customers to send mass SMS messages to devices on the Verizon network and to other carriers in the North American Numbering Plan.

Family Base

Parental Controls Application that enables parents/account managers to monitor and manage the activity of lines on their account.

Family Locator

Family Locator enables customers to locate devices/lines on their accounts.

Fios Mobile App

A companion application to Fios TV service that allows users to watch Live TV, Video on Demand and DVR content. This application is primarily for use in the United States or US Territories and can only be downloaded in the US. Users outside of the US can perform DVR Management or TV Listing browsing activities or view previously downloaded content.


Fleet management platform, which receives information from devices installed in vehicles for monitoring and control

Full Management (Premium) - Wireless LAN

Managed Wireless LAN, which is part of Verizon’s Managed Network Services portfolio, offers management of Wireless LAN Controllers and Wi-Fi Access Points.

GizmoPal and GizmoHub Companion App

Gizmo Pal and Gizmo Gadget devices are CDMA based Child tracking devices. GizmoHub is a compamnion app used to manage and track Gizmo devices.


GizmoTab is a learning tablet that provides educational content for children.

Hosted Interactive Voice Response - Enhanced Call Routing

ECR provides customized interactive voice messaging and routing for callers of IPCC ITFS, UIFN, Freephone and PSTN numbers which optimizes the callers experience and the utilization of customer agents (this product is end-of-life and not longer sold to new customers)

Hosted IP Centrex

A hosted VOIP product.


Vehicle Tracking Solution

Intelligent Contact Routing - Gateway & Integration

ICR Gateway allows a customer's Intelligent Contact Router (ICR) to direct Verizon's toll free network where to send callc, based on agent availability. ICR Integration allows a customer's ICR to control the Verizon network IVR and direct the call, once the IVR is done, to a site based on agent availability.

Interactive Voice Response - Core

IP IVR provides customized interactive voice messaging and routing for callers of IPCC ITFS, UIFN, Freephone and PSTN numbers which optimizes the calling experience and the utilization of customer agents.

IP Contact Center (IPCC)

Allows US multi-national customers and Global Enterprise customers to have an IP based “in-region” Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solution.

IP Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

IP IVR provides customized interactive voice messaging and routing for callers of IPCC ITFS, UIFN, Freephone and PSTN numbers which optimizes the calling experience and the utilization of customer agents.

Managed Security Services - Cloud / Premises / Analytics

Managed Security Services are provided via a common service platform on which a suite of security services are deployed to geographically diverse locations supporting an array of security devices, applications and systems. The security devices are located on the customer’s premises or in a cloud environment and are connected securely via a Connection Kit to a Hosted Local Event Collector in the Security Management Center.

Managed SIEM (Security Incident and Event Management)

Security Incident and Event Management systems (SIEM) are deployed at customer premises to detect cyber threats. Detection takes log data from IT systems and applies a set of detection rules to it. In the Managed SIEM service, Verizon manages the SIEM system and the detection rules and collects and investigates alerts coming from the rules.

Managed UCC

Premises-based unified communications solution available to customers with single or multiple site requirements who seek ongoing support with fault management, configuration management, asset management, and performance reporting. By extending Managed Network Services (MNS) capabilities beyond the WAN and LAN router to Unified Communications servers and applications, this comprehensive management solution enables customers to leverage Verizon's technical expertise in design, planning, implementation, and network management.

Managed WAN

Managed WAN is a service offered by Verizon to manage customer routers as part of an overall WAN network, using Verizon (or third party) private and public networks. The service includes management and monitoring of the WAN router, as well as the transport circuits connected to it.

Managed WAN Optimization

Managed WAN Optimization Service is a network management offering where Verizon installs, configures, monitors, and manages WAN optimization devices.

Managed Wireless LAN

Managed Wireless LAN is part of Verizon Managed Network Services portfolio and is offered in the US, Canada, EMEA, APAC, and LATAM. Managed Wireless LAN offers management of Wireless LAN Controllers and Wi-Fi Access Points.

Message Archiving

Allows Enterprise customers to download and archive text messages.


Android mobile application with features like messaging, job anagement, driving and rest reports, driving style report, etc.

Mobile ID

Mobile ID is an authentication system that lets customers use their mobile phone number and mobile phone to log into websites and applications.

Mobile Workforce Manager

Mobile device Management (MDM) platform that allows enterprises to apply various policies to devices. Supported devices include: MacOS, Windows Desktop, Android, iOS.

Multiline (aka Mobile Virtual Number GoLocal)

Provides users of new Multi-Line application with the ability to purchase and use a supplementary domestic and international telephone number on their smartphone. The virtual number will allow the user to make outgoing or receive incoming calls and send and receive text messages

MyVerizon Diagnostics (MVD)

MVD is a remote diagnostic utility used by Verizon support personnel.


Turn-by-turn navigation application integrated with Telogis products and services.


Verizon Navigator provides turn by turn directions for customers.

Network Application Performance Management

Network Application Performance Management provides an application monitoring service to Enterprise customers to monitor physical servers, dedicated/virtual operating systems, application workloads, snd synthetic test generation.

Network Threat Monitoring/Advanced Analytics

Monitoring service based on data from Verizon’s backbone network. Near-real time fully automated watch list matching process based on unique Verizon threat intelligence.

Open Development

OD Certification allows third parties to certify devices to run on the VZW network, including routers and telemetry devices. The OD Initiative opens certification from Verizon for M2M devices, modules, and chipsets, the majority of which are in the B2B space. For certified IoT devices, the data from the certified OD devices is transmitted through Thing Space and from devices to Thing Space.

Open Video Communications

Open Video Communications (OVC) provides video bridging capability. It supports ad-hoc and scheduled calling.

Outbound International - Dedicated

Direct Voice service provides an ISDN30 or PRI service which connects the customer PBX through a 2mbps or E1 access circuit carrying 30 telephony channels. The product supports inbound and outbound calling to fixed, mobile, national, international and non geographic telephone numbers. Emergency calling is supported. New telephone numbers or number portability can be provided.

Outbound International - Switched

Indirect Voice service provides outbound calling using the PTT's access circuits (PSTN or ISDN lines). The product supports outbound calling only to fixed, mobile, national, international and some non geographic telephone numbers. The PTT will contract separately for the access lines. In the UK, Verizon provides UK Line Rental service, i.e. the PSTN/ISDN line, though over the BT Openreach network.

Push To Talk Plus (WiFi-only outside of US)

Push to Talk Plus is an instant communication application. The application is a vendor-hosted solution of the Kodiak Push to Talk solution. PTT+ works over any WiFi network.


Fleet management vehicle tracking system.


Fleet management vehicle tracking system.

Samsung Connected Tag Asset Tracker

CAT-M asset tracker to track pets, elders and kids. There is currently no international roaming support.

Satellite Services

Private IP Satellite is a form of access from customer location into the Verizon Private IP network. It is often used as a backup access service when the primary terrestrial service is interrupted. It can also be used as a primary access service in order to reach customer locations where traditional terrestrial services are not available.

SD WAN (Managed Software Defined WAN) - Viptela

SD WAN is a fully managed service provided by Verizon, allowing customers to efficiently utilize multiple networks to route critical and non-critical traffic across those multiple networks. Verizon manages the devices and the networks, as well as the customer-defined SD WAN policies that control how traffic is routed over the multiple network paths. Viptela is one vendor that Verizon uses to provide SD WAN services to customers.

Secure Gateway Services

Secure Gateway allows customers to connect Internet-based sites to their Private IP network, through a Secure Gateway Universal Port that is hosted by Verizon in the network. The Universal Port is connected to the customer's PIP network to allow incoming connections from Internet-based sites via IPSec encryption.

Software Defined Perimeter

Verizon Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) is an SDN-based service offering that enables customers to quickly establish secure software-based network perimeters around services, networks, devices, applications and other assets.


SSLOnDemand is a system for producing and managing digital certificate and publishing certificate status for validation of certificates. Certificates are used to identify servers/computers on the network/internet and to protect communication to/from the server.

Telogis Apps: Workplan, Coach, Spotlight Trips and Installer

Mobile applications for work order management, driver behavior and trip management.

Telogis Fleet

Telogis Fleet is a back end platform supporting a user interface that is designed for a user to manage a Fleet of vehicles and drivers

Telogis Navigation

Turn-by-turn navigation application closely integrated with other Telogis products and Services.

ThingSpace Alpha Build / Data Management

New portal for specific IOT OEM partners for purposes of enabling developers to test and prototype with ThingSpace platform. The portal contains the following features: ThingSpace SDK download for IOT chipsets; Downloadable security certificates to load onto IOT devices to connect to ThingSpace platform; Data manager for visualizing IOT data sent to ThingSpace platform; APIs for event based alerting related to IOT device activity.

ThingSpace Develop

ThingSpace Develop is a developer portal focused on APIs, Dev Kits and developer tools. This fosters innovation to build new apps. The portal is located at


Vehicle fleet tracking solution


Unified Communication and Collaboration as a Service (UCCaaS) is a hosted and managed service based on Cisco's Hosted Collaboration Solution. UCCaaS delivers business-grade communications and collaboration services from the Cloud, offering the flexibility of a premises-based solution with the simplicity of a hosted solution. UCCaaS provides the following UC&C services: Call control (audio, video); Integrated/unified voicemail; Presence and Instant Messaging; Enterprise mobility; and Audio conferencing and net conferencing.

Unified Customer Experience (CX)

Unified Customer Experience (Unified CX) provides a cloud based contact center platform that enables companies to respond to customers via voice, email, chat, SMS, web and mobile as well as provide voice self service capabilities. It utilizes the Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution for Contact Center (HCS-CC) architecture which includes the Unified Communications Manager (UCM), Unity Connection, Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCE), Cisco Customer Voice Portal (CVP) and Cisco Finesse for Agent and Supervisor Desktop. Email, Chat and SMS can be added as additional channels and an enhanced Agent and Supervisor Desktop is available that provides information on a single screen to enable a better agent experience. Access to previous customer interactions provide context to customer conversations improving the customer experience. Additional functionality that helps improve the overall experience includes Quality Management to provide coaching for agent improvement as well as Workforce Management to ensure the right staffing is on hand based on forecasted interaction volume. Speech and Desktop analytics are also available as an option to provide the voice of the Customer and more targeted Quality Monitoring.

Universal Identity Service (UIS)

This application provides authentication and access control services for NIST L1-4 and sophisticated adaptive authentication and helps individuals manage their electronic identity, simplifying what they have to remember, minimizing the information they need disclose and maximizing the security of on-line transactions they participate in.

Virtual Communications Express (VCE)

VCE is an existing U.S. product that Verizon is extending to the EU. VCE is a cloud PBX/UC service that Verizon provides in partnership with Broadsoft. In lieu of a premises-based PBX, customers utilize VCE for call routing, basic PBX features and UC services such as IM & Presence, Audio/Video Conferencing and Desktop Sharing.

Virtual Contact Center

Virtual Contact Center is a cloud based contact center solution that supports multiple channels (voice, email, chat, SMS) for both inbound and outbound communication. It also provides Workforce Management, Quality Management, Surveys and other Contact Center management tools.


Fleet management system.


Wireline phone service for consumers.

Voice Call Back

Voice Call Back offers callers a call back rather than waiting on hold.

Voice Cypher

Voice Cypher is an end-to-end encryption solution that encrypts voice calls, texts, and file transfers.

VoIP Inbound

VoIP Inbound offers legacy and CP IPCC customers the opportunity to purchase inbound numbers (US toll free 800 numbers, US local numbers (ViLO), ITFS and/or UIFN numbers) to allow calls from around the globe to reach their contact center or agent or to terminate into the IVR.

WIFI for Business - Managed

Wi-Fi for Business is part of the Verizon Managed Network Services portfolio and is offered in US, Canada, EMEA and APAC. The service offers the management of Cisco Meraki security appliances, LAN switches and Wi-Fi access points.


Field service management application with SAAS back office web based application, mobile applications for field workers, and various integrations into accounting systems.

Work plan

Mobile application for work order management, e.g. managing pick up and delivery of items. Customers of the application are transport companies, couriers etc.