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Mobile Location Analytics Privacy Notice

The privacy and security of your information is an important priority at Verizon. This privacy notice describes the Wi Fi-enabled device information we collect, use, and share when we provide Verizon Enterprise Solutions customers with mobile location analytics reporting services. Verizon’s Privacy Policy provides detailed information about our privacy practices.

Mobile Location Analytics reporting services

Mobile location analytics reporting services provide aggregate insights about consumer behavior based on the collection of information from consumers’ Wi Fi enabled devices. Venues such as airports, hotels and stores can use these insights to better understand and serve their customers.

Information we collect and how it is used

When providing mobile location analytics reporting services to a business, Verizon collects MAC addresses from Wi Fi enabled devices that come into contact with that business’ Wi Fi network equipment. This occurs only when a device’s Wi Fi is turned on. The MAC address is a unique identifier assigned to every mobile device; it is not the device’s mobile number. The MAC address identifies the make of the device (such as Samsung or Apple), but it does not reveal other information about the device or its owner. We also capture the signal strength from the device to estimate the distance between the device and Wi Fi network equipment and sensors.

Once the MAC address is collected, it is hashed and encrypted. Each MAC address translates to a unique identifier that does not identify the device from which it was obtained. This information is retained in our databases for only as long as reasonably necessary for business or legal purposes.

Verizon analyzes this information to create anonymous and aggregated reports that are then shared with the business customer. For example, reports prepared for a retail business customer might contain information such as how many people visited the store, how long they stayed, which part of the store they visited, and how often they returned. This information might be used, for example, to reduce wait times at check-out, optimize store layouts, and understand consumer shopping patterns.

Your choices

Verizon participates in the Mobile location analytics Code of Conduct developed by the Future of Privacy Forum. This code requires transparency and choice for Mobile location analytics service providers. If you would like to exclude your Wi Fi-enabled device from being included in mobile location analytics reporting by companies who participate in this Code of Conduct, you can opt out at any time.

If you have questions, concerns or suggestions related to our Privacy Policy or our privacy practices, e-mail us or contact us at:

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