Privacy Policy

Verizon Message+ App Privacy Policy

Verizon is committed to maintaining strong privacy protections for customers. Our privacy policy provides details about the information we collect, how we use it, and your options regarding certain uses of information. The following information provides additional detail about practices that are specific to the Verizon Message+ Application.

Public Profile

You have the option to create a Verizon Message+ public profile with a name and an avatar, both of which will be associated with your mobile telephone number. Public profile information will be displayed on all messages you send, to everyone in all group messages that include you, when you reply to messages from people in your Contacts, and after one reply to anyone who is not in your Contacts. You can edit or delete your public profile at any time from the Sidebar menu.

Glympse Feature

The Glympse location messaging feature is offered through an agreement with Glympse, Inc. When you use the Glympse feature, information is collected and used by Verizon and Glympse and use of this information is covered by both the Verizon privacy policy as well as Glympse’s privacy policy. When you send a Glympse message, your phone number and device location information will be made available to message recipients. Your name and picture may also be available if you have set your messages up in that way. Recipients will be able to track your location for the time you allow and may share your Glympse message with others, including social networking platforms or other public forums.

You have choices about the Glympse feature and the duration of device location information that is sent with your messages. Controls may be set within the app for each message you send.

Advertising Features

The Verizon Message+ app collects and uses your device’s advertising identifier. Advertising identifiers are used, for example, to enhance advertising in the in-app search experience and are shared within the Verizon family of companies, including AOL, to help make advertising more relevant on the devices you use. This search capability is provided by Yahoo!, and search information and advertising identifiers are collected and used by both Verizon and Yahoo! Use of this information and these identifiers is covered by both the Verizon privacy policy and the Yahoo! privacy policy. You can opt-out of receiving advertisements targeted in apps on your mobile device using the “Limit Ad Tracking” or similar capability on your device or by following the instructions provided at this Mobile Device Choices page.