Privacy Policy

Message+ Privacy Policy

The Verizon Message+ app provides tools to help users stay connected by sending and receiving texts, photos, videos and gift cards and participating in personalized group chats.  Users can also easily access Search and Yelp features within the app. 

Message+ is covered by the Verizon privacy policy as well as the additional information provided here. 

Public Profile

You have the option to create a Message+ public profile with a name and an avatar, both of which will be associated with your mobile telephone number. Public profile information is displayed on all messages you send, to everyone in all group messages that include you, when you reply to messages from people in your Contacts, and after one reply to anyone who is not in your Contacts. You can edit or delete your public profile at any time from the Sidebar menu.

Location information and Controls

The Message+ location messaging feature (provided jointly by Verizon and Glympse) lets you share your location with people you choose for a length of time you set. When you send a Glympse message, your phone number and device location information is shared with message recipients. Your name and picture may also be shared if you have set your messages to do so.  Recipients will be able to track your location for the time you allow and may share your message with others, including social networking platforms or other public forums. Information collection and use is also described in the Glympse privacy policy. You have choices about whether to use the Glympse feature and the duration of device location information that is sent with your messages. Controls are available within the app for each message you send.

When you permit Message+ to collect location information from your device, the information is used to provide the app’s location-based features, such as location-relevant search results provided by Yahoo, recommendations provided by Yelp, photo services provided by Kanvas, and the Glympse feature described above. Information you provide in connection with the search, recommendation or photo features is covered by the Yahoo, Yelp and Kanvas privacy policies.   

With your additional permission, Message+ determines or infers your device’s precise location by collecting information from your device, including cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and sensor (gyroscope, accelerometer, light, magnetometer and pressure) information.  Consistent with your permissions, this location-related information is collected even when Message+ is not in use. Verizon, including Oath (formed by the combination of Yahoo and AOL) uses this location information to make ads you see more useful across the devices you use and to enhance other location-based services and experiences we provide. 

We may share de-identified location information with third parties for limited aggregate purposes, such as traffic reporting.

If you have permitted Message+ to collect location information to enhance location-based services supported by the Verizon family of companies, including Oath, you can change your choice on the Message+ settings page.  If you want to stop all Message+ collection of location information, you must opt out using use the location settings on your device.

Additional Information Collection and Use

We collect information you provide (such as your name and picture), about your device, and about your use of Message+. This information includes your mobile number, device identifiers, device type and operating system, your contacts, and information about the Message+ features you use and your interactions with them.  This information is used to deliver, maintain and support Message+ services; enhance application features; customize and personalize your experiences; and provide social network interactions. 

Advertising and Controls 

We may combine data collected through your use of Message+ services with data from other Verizon affiliates, including Oath (formed by the combination of AOL and Yahoo), and with data we obtain from third parties to decide which ads you see on Oath or Verizon services and sites, or on other sites, apps and services across the devices you use.

To opt-out of receiving interest based ads in apps on your mobile device, you can use “Limit Ad Tracking” or similar capability on your device. You can use the Digital Advertising Alliance’s Consumer Choice page to opt-out of receiving browser-based interest-based advertising.  Note that if you are a registered Yahoo user, you should also opt-out using the Yahoo Ad Interest Manager.