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The Message+ app helps you send and receive texts, photos (with and without face filters), videos, emojis and gift cards; participate in group chats; set reminders; and use features like Search and Yelp. Message+ is covered by the Verizon Privacy Policy as well as the practices described here. If there is a conflict between the two policies, the practices described in this policy govern when you are using Message+.

Message+ allows you to access and process your messages on multiple devices and within your My Verizon account online. 

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Information we collect and how it is used.

We collect information you provide (such as your name and picture) and information about your device and use of Message+. This includes your mobile telephone number, device identifiers, device type and operating system, and your contacts.  

We also collect information about the Message+ features you use. For example, we collect payment information when you purchase an eGift card through the app. We also collect information when you report a problem with Message+, including your email address; details about device conditions, your current screen view and the duration of the problem; and pictures you send.

We use this information to deliver, analyze, maintain and support Message+ services; enhance application features; customize and personalize your experiences; and provide social network interactions.

Based on your permission,  Message+ may collect device location information even when you are not using the app. We use this information to enhance the location-based services and experiences we provide, including Yelp recommendations, location relevant stickers and Glympse location sharing.

Message+ uses automatic key word identification to help you with reply and action suggestions as well as to provide you with the ability to create reminders directly from text messages. We collect non-identifiable information (for example, counts of the number of times features are used) about these features, but do not copy or save text content.

Message+ may use your device camera when you add a photo to a text you are sending. When you are using an Apple device, we access Apple’s face filter information along with the photo.  We do not collect or store this information.

Location information we collect is considered sensitive personal information under some state laws. We use this information consistent with what you allow when you consent.

Information sharing.

Public Profile: You have the option to create a Message+ public profile including a name and avatar associated with your mobile telephone number. We display your public profile on messages you send, to each recipient on group messages that include you, when you reply to messages from people in your Contacts, and after one reply to anyone who is not in your Contacts. You can edit or delete your public profile from the Sidebar menu. You can use the app’s settings page to make choices about whether certain app features are on or off.

Message+ location messaging feature: You have the option to share your location with people you choose for a length of time you set. Messages sent using this feature share your phone number and device location with message recipients. Your name and picture will also be shared if you have set your messages to do so. Recipients will be able to track your location for the time you allow and may share your message with others, including social networking platforms or other public forums. The feature is provided by Verizon and Glympse and is also covered by the Glympse Privacy Policy.

Message+ location-based recommendation feature:  Message+ provided you with the option to use geographically relevant recommendations provided by Yelp. Information you provide in connection with this feature is covered by the Yelp privacy policy.

Choices and controls.

There are controls within the Message+ app that let you choose whether the Glympse feature is active and how long device location information is shared for each message.

You can use your device location settings to change your choice about whether Message+ may collect location information.

You can edit or delete your public profile from the app’s Sidebar menu. You can use the app’s settings page to make choices about whether certain app features are on or off.

Your rights under state law.

You may have additional privacy rights under state privacy laws. You can read more in the full privacy policy. If you have Message+, but are not a Verizon wireless customer, you can submit a request to access, correct or delete personal information by signing into the Message+ app on your mobile device.

Last Update:  December, 2022