Read what top critics are saying about this ingenious smart home device.

The beauty of the doorbell lies in its simplicity: A chime sounds, you have a visitor. But even the most tried-and-true systems are due for an occasional upgrade. The Ring Video Doorbell 2 doesn’t add any complexity, but it brings innovative layers of security including a 1080HD camera, two-way talk capability and app connectivity for remote monitoring and recording.

And the tech press has answered. “As a simple-to-use video doorbell that you can fit yourself in minutes,” The Guardian writes, “the Video Doorbell 2 ticks all the boxes.” Here are four reasons the critics think the Ring strikes the right notes.

1. Easy installation

The Ring can run on a rechargeable lithium ion battery or be hardwired into the same electrical setup of the buzzer being replaced. That means you can select the installation that best fits your lifestyle. Choosing the battery route, Ring offers backup packs, so you’re never without a doorbell during a recharge. “The swappable battery packs will end up making a huge difference in terms of overall convenience,” writes TechCrunch.

From there, installation is as straightforward as connecting to the Ring app and syncing with a home Wi-Fi network. “This process is standard for many of the Wi-Fi home security devices we test,” writes CNET, “but Ring makes it especially easy with little pop-up alerts that let you know you're on the right track.”

2. Layers of security

Being able to identify visitors in crystal-clear 1080HD video provides peace of mind, but the Ring Video Doorbell 2 doesn’t stop there. The app also allows two-way talk—no door-opening required—and because you can set the Ring to record or stream when it detects motion, a property can be monitored 24/7, whether you’re upstairs or out of town. “Anyone who comes calling or burgling through the front door will be caught on camera,” The Guardian adds.

That simple, reliable monitoring brings new meaning to keeping an eye out, as Forbes writes: “You can use the speaker and microphone to talk to the person at the door even if you're on the other side of the world, so you won’t miss any packages or other important visitors.”

3. Superior focus

Anyone who has used motion-activated technology knows that anything—from the neighbor’s cat to branches swaying in the breeze—can generate an alert. But the Ring Video Doorbell 2 lets users deselect any segment of the camera’s 160-degree field of view. “My house has a shallow driveway, with the front door relatively close to the street,” explains a Tom’s Guide reviewer. “[It] let me exclude most of the street and sidewalk, while keeping most of the driveway and porch.”

The Ring also works when the sun goes down, thanks to infrared night vision. Tech Hive sees a clear improvement in video quality from past versions. “Ring upgraded the camera’s night-vision mode,” the site notes. “Night-time video now looks better, as the camera can capture higher-quality images from greater distances.”

4. Functionality for all

For anyone who’d rather forgo all this rich functionality, the Ring works just fine the old-fashioned way. “Your family gets the best of both worlds: a live video feed and intelligent notifications for those who want to use their smartphones, along with a traditional doorbell for those who don’t,” adds Tom’s Guide.

The Guardian agrees, noting, “It works great just as a regular wireless doorbell, particularly if you’ve got a chime installed.” A smart-home device that simplifies home security—now that’s an upgrade.

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